5 Wedding Dresses that Inspire a Dream of Love

Wedding Dresses

Discover the exclusive designs of wedding dresses that you will love this season. If you dream of a romantic design for your wedding day, we have proposals that inspire love, exclusive designs of one of the most recognized houses in the city.

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Jewelry For The Bride: What To Wear On The Wedding Day?

Jewelry For The Bride

Have you already set the date of the big day? For the day of the wedding, there are a thousand things to think about for everything to be as perfect as you always dreamed of. The first thoughts are on the place where your marriage, the restaurant, the dress, the marriage, the wedding favors will be celebrated, and of course the jewels for the bride should not be forgotten.

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St. Patrick Sposa: The 2018 Collection Has Arrived In Stores!

St. Patrick Sposa Wedding Dress Collection

The highly anticipated St. Patrick’s debut on the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week catwalks made me fall in love with this brand, part of the Pronovias Fashion Group. The St. Patrick Collection 2018 offers a great variety of delicate and sophisticated wedding dresses designed to enhance the bridal body without forgetting comfort.

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5 Makeup Ideas for Brides

Brides Makeup

The makeup you will wear at your wedding is very important because it will make you look and feel more beautiful. Discover the main proposals to project your beauty to the maximum.

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Wedding Hairstyle: How to choose and save?

Wedding Hairstyle

What woman does not devote special attention to your wedding hairstyle? A perfect head of hair as well as the right make-up are essential elements in which to pursue the wedding day, not only because it will be the protagonists of a thousand photographs but also because they have the immense power to make someone feel beautiful and confident woman.

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Have a Mosquito-Free Wedding!

Summer is here, and the weather is great to have that outdoor wedding you have been planning for. The picturesque ambiance presented by lush gardens is the main centerpiece. All seems in order except an aspect that you may not have accounted for. Uninvited guests-mosquitoes-may show-up. Not only are bite marks left by these guests annoying but can also be risky for your guests’ health. Modern outdoor weddings hosted at parks, beaches, gardens and mountains sides have spectacular views. No matter the destination, the mosquitoes are bound to dull a bright wedding event.

Call the Exterminator

A wedding mosquito treatment applied to the venue would highly reduce the chance of having mosquitoes buzzing in the air on the memorable occasion...

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The Women Who Inspire Otaduy’s Collection Of Brides

Otaduy's Collection Of Brides

Otaduy admires a number of women from different eras for their strength and creativity, and they are the perfect inspiration of Carolina Otaduy to design each of the ‘I Do’ wedding dresses. Seventy style designs, very simple and perfect for brides who want to be different.

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Which Lights Should I Choose for My Marquee?

Marquees are an increasingly popular choice for weddings and other events, gatherings and celebrations. If you want to use a marquee after the sun has gone down, choosing the right type of lighting ensures visibility for guests and can enhance the atmosphere. Which lights should you go for?

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Stick to LEDs

For safety reasons, choose LED bulbs to light up the marquee. According to LEDs Magazine, LED lights don’t produce heat, so they’re not hot to touch. This means they can be positioned in locations where hot sources could be a problem. LED lights won’t cause scorch marks on the marquee walls, or worse, burn it down!

Light Types

Fairy lights are a great choice for use in marquees. They look dainty and offer great versatility...

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Bridal makeup: Tips and secrets for make up on your wedding day

Bridal makeup

Dress: chosen! Location: chosen! Flowers: chosen! The wedding day is fast approaching and in the to do list you get to the question bridal makeup. For all of 2017 brides we asked some questions to the makeup artist, that will complement the wedding planner.

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Wedding Hairstyles according to face: The ideal look for all kinds of face!

Wedding Hairstyles

Gathered, chignon or romantic curls? What it is the hair look perfect for your wedding day? Here’s how to choose the wedding hairstyles based on face

In addition to dress, a fundamental element for the wedding day is the hair look. To show off the right one, however, you must take into account some aspects, such as the neckline of the dress and, before that, the shape of the face.

Round face, square, triangle, heart or diamond : each type of face requires specific hairstyles that valorize at best, softening corners too sharp and square, excessive roundness or donating harmony too long oval, where necessary. But what are the hairstyles more suited to show off the wedding day? Here then are some valuable tips on how to choose the wedding hairstyles based on face to be flawless and perfect in the moment of yes.

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