Hairstyles Spring / Summer Wedding: Trends in 2017

Spring-Summer Hairstyles

Soft waves, braids until the extreme decision to let your hair down. Even for the hairstyle, as well as make-up, the trend for next season is all natural!

The trick there but not seen, nor … the wigs! That’s right, brides who have seen parading on the latest catwalks not only had a make up light and unnoticeable but they were all united by wedding hairstyles left very natural, without those special superstructures and rarefaction that we used to see in recent years.

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Formal Wear, Proposals Pronovias 2017

Formal Wear

You are invited to a wedding and do not know what to wear? No fear! The new collection of wedding dresses Pronovias, offers many long and short models perfect for the occasion. You can take inspiration from the models of the famous maison for your look as invited, witness or maid. But be careful, you have to carefully choose the color and length of the dress. Depending on the time and type of venue chosen by the couple, more or less chic, you’ll have to opt for a model rather than another. Let’s see the most beautiful formal wear Pronovias!

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Attention brides of the world! These 11 wedding dresses cost less than 500 dollars


The marriage ceremony seems a good deal, at least for suppliers. The flowers cost a pastry, the banquet also and the dress more of the same. Are you getting married this spring and are you just on a budget? That does not have to be a problem, because these beautiful and delicate wedding dresses have come to help you. They are all wonderful, in design and in price. None exceeds 600 dollars, but they will exceed your expectations.

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Hairstyles gathered for the Bride in 2017: What will you choose for your big day?

Bride Hairstyles 2017

Today on WeddingHairstyle the classic of classics. Timeless. Evergreen. Not talking about wedding dresses and hairstyles but as an devoted to hairstyles gathered wedding in 2017? The harvest is the icing on the cake of a bridal outfit just perfect!

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Bridal nail art trends 2017: Everything you wanted to know!

Bridal nail art trends

If you are about to get married and you still have not decided how to draw your nails for the fateful day, do not miss the nail art trend bride 2017 we have selected for you! A lot of news, and also lots of confirmations of trends that we have seen in the past and who cannot go out of style. This year, your hands will be the real works of art on display and highlight the best day of all!

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Types of wedding rings, choose the fateful Yes?

wedding rings

There are many types of wedding rings available for couples who have decided to join in marriage. Together engagement ring, faith is the union of the two spouses, an ornament with a very ancient tradition, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, and which retains the same meaning. Please select Additional know how it is therefore very important, because you have in your hands (and then will wear forever) a romantic and wonderful symbol for sibilate your love forever!

But what is the type of wedding band that is closest to your style and your personality? Here you go.

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Wedding hairstyles with long hair

Wedding hairstyles

You are getting married, you have long hair, do not want to cut them and you are looking for a nice hairstyle for your wedding? Were quiet, there are lots

Among anxieties and doubts that afflict a bride in the days leading to that of her marriage, there is also what concerns their look. The dress will be perfect? Will my future husband to put faith at the right finger? The flowers will be as I have always dreamed them? Bridal shoes that I have chosen will make me sick, and I want to take them off after one hour from the celebration?

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Wedding Dresses 2017, The Splendid Cosmobella Line

Bridal Gown

The new year is approaching, and with it the new collections of wedding dresses 2017. Today we see the wedding dresses of the 2017 line Cosmobella by Demetrios, romantic and sensual at the same time. A lord is the lace, rhinestones and lights that stand bodices and precious belts that highlight the silhouette of the bride.

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The make-up perfect wedding for each hair color


Blonde, red or blackberry? For every bride on her make-up! Here are some useful tips to know how to orient among the thousand proposals cosmetics offers depending on the hair color of their skin and have a perfect makeup for your special day!

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How to choose the wedding rings


The choice of wedding rings no room for error! You will spend the rest of your life with a wedding ring and you can certainly change it. So take all the time you need to choose the right one: a turn is only a matter of millimeters, but also for the faiths do like your dress: do not take them until they understand that they are just the right ones for you!

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