The most beautiful boho wedding dresses you can have


The wedding season is approaching and with it, the incessant questions to those that this 2016 will wear white. What style of dress goes with me?

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The super ‘low cost’ wedding dress and you can plant it signature Kiabi


It is increasingly easy to find wedding dresses at affordable prices, a perfect choice to save a few dollars which is very expensive than a wedding. A few months ago Kiabi released her first wedding dress at a price low cost, and the brand has been repeated feat with a new bridal design eco-friendly, it’s over you can plant (no joke).

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How to choose the perfect accessory for your wedding hairstyle

After putting great effort in the choice, the bouquet and jewelry, and makeup, thinking now has to go to your hair and accessories that you will choose to adorn.

Sure, there are probably pass by the head million hairstyles: bun, elegant loose curls, but maybe you are not able to imagine the end result.

Just as necklaces, earrings and bracelets give that extra touch to your look, even the accessories for the hair can change and completely transform your hairstyle. We are talking about headbands, combs, hairpins, barrettes, headbands and tiaras wedding. Any type of hairstyle you choose brides loved ones, know that these seemingly small details can make a big difference and have a decisive impact on your style.

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Wedding Hat, The must of 2017

Hairband for wedding

Have you ever thought of wearing a hat to accessorize the most of the wedding dress? An idea that many brides do not address but that turns out to be a real own inevitable accessory for a perfect bridal look.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Jewelry for Your Wedding


Do not be put off just because trends: Fads are good but are not to condition your comfort, authenticity and full final look. For example, if you usually do not wear earrings because you do not feel comfortable with these pieces, it would not make sense that on the day of your wedding you would wear them. First for yourself, and second because all your friends will feel disguised.

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How To Choose Bridal Hairstyle: 6 Tips To Get The Best Of You


When you’re finally promised, the first thing that comes to your mind is thinking about the dress that will surely bring dreaming since you were a teenager but what say the hairstyle? It has the same importance or more than the dress. Do not make this decision at the last moment and value all possible options. To not become an ordeal, we leave 6 tips for your first contact is helpful.

Currently, there are millions of possibilities when creating your hairstyle for the wedding day, every bride is different, therefore, what we should consider is that it is always true to your style and you feel 100% Identified with it … Take note!

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Wedding Dress and Hairstyle: 5 Styles For The Bride!


We have collected 5 styles for the bride in end of 2016, 5 wedding dresses with matching 5 hairstyles. Tell us what you recognize yourself bride or just what you like best!

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The Right Steps To Follow When Searching Bridal Gown

ideal wedding dress

Do not say no! When it comes time to start looking around to buy your wedding dress is put into a state of fear of not being able to find the perfect one for our wedding, not only because the choice is difficult from a wide range of workshops and models, but also because you do not know what could be the right approach towards the companies in which we want to address.

Then here is some advice that suggests you the right steps to follow to make it less strenuous and less stressful the commitment of choosing your wedding gown.

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Jewelry For The Bride: The 5 Golden Rules

Jewelry For The Bride

The jewelry is a subject very dear to me already normally; imagine when it comes to jewelry for the bride. And if this year the marriage of my historical childhood friend and I will also be a witness, you know well that you have to remain calm and clarify a bit of things for the good of all, especially the bride!

Involved in the preparations swirl I realized that the jewelry for the bride are likely to overshadow after dress, shoes, makeup, wigs, party, flowers, wedding favors, selection of confetti and honeymoon. Unacceptable, know this. The elegance of a woman, and even more so of a bride, inevitably passes through the jewelry that chooses to wear on her wedding day. You do not want to look like one of those brides to say the least embarrassing with their crowns and rhinestones waterfalls! Exactly.

How to choose the jewelry for the bride, with 5 golden rules to be perfect on the day of your wedding…

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It is this influencer Lebanese dress one of the most expensive in history? It has taken a year of work to create it


Dana Woolley Zayat is the name of the Lebanese influencer, more than 260k followers on Instagram and a biography of the most exclusive. Named best dressed by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and ambassador of luxury brands, the dress on its wedding day has become viral. If we review the timeline of the famous social network see herclad in bulky (and expensive) dresses often so the wedding day had to be extra special. The Wife group has been commissioned to make their dreams come true with a majestic dress, invaluable and years of work.

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