Hannibal Laguna inaugurates the Madrid Bridal Week with a parade that combines romanticism and modernity


The designer Hannibal Laguna has inaugurated the Madrid Bridal Week, which is held in the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid until next April 21.

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The Most Famous Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles

The latest trends in bridal hairstyles are inspired by the most famous weddings of the last decade. Actresses, models and princesses are the inspiration for creating unique hairstyles. Whatever your mane: short, long, smooth or curly; the day of your wedding you have to manage to get the most out of your hair and in the following lines you will discover how.

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7 Wedding Dresses That Maybe You’ve Never Seen!

Spring-Summer Hairstyles

Care brides, there are the big fashion houses, famous throughout the world, with their dream dresses … but not only! There are many studio of wedding dresses that produce so artisanal quality clothes. We had already talked about the emerging designers who daily carry wedding dresses that have nothing to envy of the models important signatures.

Today we want to introduce precisely 7 wedding dresses “unknown” … who knows that among these there is not really yours!

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Protecting Your Wedding Hair During Sunny Days

Strands that are sun-kissed are normally seen as being gorgeous but in so many situations there are various problems that appear when this happens. One of the situations is when you get your wedding hair done and it is simply destroyed by the effect of sun rays. UV exposure will always cause damaged, dry hair. That is not what you want during the wedding. Sun basically acts like bleach. It causes discoloration. Hair ends up being weak, frizzy, brittle and very hard to manage. Hairstylists can do the best possible job and not be able to stop what sun can do.

The great news is that you can protect your wedding hair from the damaging effects of sun rays. Based on the experience of Wonderstruck Weddings & Events, here are some things that you can easily do right now to help you avoid having a ...

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What drinks should be served at a wedding?

If you are planning your big day, there are a whole host of things to plan. You have the dress, of course, and your rings and the venue, but it can be the little things that help to make the day even more perfect. Choosing which drinks to serve, and at what point, is one of the small things that can make a huge difference to your guests, so let’s take a look at your options.

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The reception

It is always a lovely idea to welcome your guests to your reception by offering them a drink. You could begin the reception with champagne; however, other drinks might be more suitable depending on the theme and style of your wedding. Fruity cocktails are perfect for summer weddings, whereas hot cider is a great alternative for the colder months...

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Asos wedding: Be bride or guest, this lookbook interests you

Asos wedding

Speaking of weddings can cause hives: it is so much money that supposes this type of events that one can get sick with just thinking. You are bride or guest you know that you will end up spending more than the bill, and that in the end do not like … Luckily, signatures like Asos think about that collective with a budget so that looking for the perfect dress does not pose a problem. Dresses where design and savoir faire are present at low-cost prices.

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Top Tips for Popping the Question

Every girl dreams of the day that someone will pop the question, and having a great engagement story is part of the fantasy. It’s a tale that your wife-to-be will be telling for years, so give her an experience that she can brag about. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a proposal plan she’ll never forget.

Plan ahead

No one wants to find an engagement ring at the bottom of a bowl of oatmeal one morning because you didn’t bother making something special out of your proposal. Think it through in advance and come up with a unique plan that will be memorable and connected to your love story. Get advice from friends (yours or hers) to help you get the creative juices flowing.

Choose the ring

Do not go rogue on this! Engagement rings can make or break a proposal story...

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Hairstyles Spring / Summer Wedding: Trends in 2017

Spring-Summer Hairstyles

Soft waves, braids until the extreme decision to let your hair down. Even for the hairstyle, as well as make-up, the trend for next season is all natural!

The trick there but not seen, nor … the wigs! That’s right, brides who have seen parading on the latest catwalks not only had a make up light and unnoticeable but they were all united by wedding hairstyles left very natural, without those special superstructures and rarefaction that we used to see in recent years.

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Formal Wear, Proposals Pronovias 2017

Formal Wear

You are invited to a wedding and do not know what to wear? No fear! The new collection of wedding dresses Pronovias, offers many long and short models perfect for the occasion. You can take inspiration from the models of the famous maison for your look as invited, witness or maid. But be careful, you have to carefully choose the color and length of the dress. Depending on the time and type of venue chosen by the couple, more or less chic, you’ll have to opt for a model rather than another. Let’s see the most beautiful formal wear Pronovias!

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Attention brides of the world! These 11 wedding dresses cost less than 500 dollars


The marriage ceremony seems a good deal, at least for suppliers. The flowers cost a pastry, the banquet also and the dress more of the same. Are you getting married this spring and are you just on a budget? That does not have to be a problem, because these beautiful and delicate wedding dresses have come to help you. They are all wonderful, in design and in price. None exceeds 600 dollars, but they will exceed your expectations.

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