Guide to wear a wreath

wear a wreath

What should I consider if I want to wear a wreath on my upcoming wedding? These seven tips will be very useful.

The wreaths made with flowers have always been linked to the deities of femininity, spring or inspiration. In classical mythology each of the gods was crowned with a different element: Hera with peacock feathers, Athena with olive leaves or Apollo with laurel leaves. But of all the gods, we will stay today with Flora, the goddess of flowers, distinguished from the rest by their crowns made from wild flowers.

wear a wreath

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A accessories that is always a good option to look at celebrations of all kinds, from a wedding to a gathering of friends. The experts of Olivia & Cloe, specializing in brand design head dresses and hair ornaments, give us seven tips to look the wreaths with attitude and without any doubt.

1- The wreath is a accessories that does not have too much protocol and fits well with all kinds of celebration regardless of time. They are valid for a wedding day or night; maybe we can change some colors and at the wedding night are a little darker, but is optional.

2- It is important to let go of the belief that crowns made of flowers are just a girl thing. This is not; it is a very feminine accessories that benefits all women is of age they are.

wear a wreath

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3- Get out insecurities! One of the slogans we Olivia & Cloe is that if you have fun, others will have fun with you. So you have to leave out the doubts: “To me these things do not look good” or “is that I have never put anything in the head.” Leave aside these assumptions, the wreaths feel good to everyone regardless of their style or physiognomy.

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4- What should I wear if I bring wreath? Whatever you want, flowers admit all long dresses, shorts, blouses and pants or coveralls. Nothing is a problem; only have to find the color that best matches what you’ll wear.

5- I want my crown is natural flowers, can be? Of course, or no problem, although these natural crowns have some limitations that have preserved flowers. Must be in a cool and collected in the workshop on the same day of celebration for the flowers are fresh. And you cannot drive you to the crown because the flowers will rot.

wear a wreath

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6- How do I put the crown? You usually take them perched on the head by cutting his forehead, although some people choose to clear the front and place them in the birth hair. It is best to try and decide what flattering. It depends also hairstyle has been chosen; with your hair wreaths they provide a more romantic air.

7- Forward! No problem to bring a colorful wreath made from flowers. Every day more daring brides who decide to put a touch of color to the classic dresses. Some brides what they do is wear a veil or mantilla religious celebration wreath and get the rest of the celebration, so no need to decide.

Do you dare to wear a wreath? What do you think about the idea?

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