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Ten tips for perfect wedding makeup

Ten tips for perfect wedding makeup

The bridal makeup must reflect the personality of the bride and her style. If your wedding is close, go to the makeup tricks to make your stay perfect for your big day.

A good makeup is basic when the wedding photographs, so we recommend that you get in the hands of good professionals. They will advise the most optimal tones of the season. If you have not yet chosen makeup artists for your big day, do not miss the best bridal makeup professionals.

 perfect wedding makeup
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The purpose of makeup is to hide flaws and make the bride look radiant. The key to a good makeup is naturalness. The bride should not lose your personality with her makeup too extravagant style. Some tips for you to find your makeup to beautiful girlfriend…

1) The first step for a make perfect wedding is apply yourself moisturizer, so you keep your skin fresh and you make sure that the concealed and makeup applied uniformly.

2) Must apply the concealed as close to the lash line and about the inner corner of the eye.

 perfect wedding makeup
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3) To choose the right makeup applies a sample tone on one side of the face and forehead, so you can check whether the tone is correct. Then apply makeup around the nose and lips.

4) If you want the makeup last longer as freshly applied using a little powder. Apply on the cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and neck.

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5) To get a hint of blush on your cheeks, smile and apply a neutral shade on them, by feathering upwards and then downwards to soften the color.

6) Then apply a bar with anti-kisses effect and delineates your lips with a natural color.

 perfect wedding makeup
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7) To get a more natural look define your eyebrows with a shade of the same hue of your hair. Start at the inner corner of the brow and follow its natural form

8) Defines the top line of your lashes with a shade of eye shadow dark.

9) Apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara, brushing from the base to the tip. Better if it is waterproof.

10) For tinkering, you will be essential compact powder and lipstick.

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