Water waves: The hairstyle that creates trend in brides and guests

Wavy Hairstyle

It is one of the star looks a retro wedding and among its great advantages is that virtually any woman; whatever your hair type can wear it. We talk about water waves, one of the hairstyles that most saw last season among brides and guests and one of our bets for a wedding with a retro touch in winter.

The sophistication and a halo of glamour that leads directly to the golden years of Hollywood are the greatest assets of this hairstyle can make at home in a simple way by following a few guidelines. How to get it? Who favors? We’ll tell you all about water waves.

Wavy Hairstyle

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How to get your water waves

To wear this hairstyle you need from smooth, wet hair, so if you have curly hair is better start doing it when the hair is still wet enough to mold it to your liking.

In most cases carried with parted on the side, something you should not forget to make time to start this hairstyle. Also, be careful and do not start to make waves at the root of the hair, but more or less at the height of the temples: that is the key for a retro look (otherwise touch the hair leans more towards the Flemish side).

Wavy Hairstyle

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Once you’ve prepared your hair, the simplest and most effective is to use an iron to shape the waves. Take a lock with the plate and, from the root, make turns of the wrist, first inward shaping some hair. Without leaving even the lock, scroll down and make the same move out. Remember that the more turns of the wrist do, the more you will create waves. This is the procedure you should follow with each strand.

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Can I favor?

This is one of the great advantages of water waves: favor almost any woman and can be combined with many hairstyles and extended or made smaller to lengthen or belittle her face.

  • Our style tips: Wear them with her hair if you have long hair and a spectacular you come as a guest to a wedding or if you are looking for the bride and a wedding with a retro look. Bet for semi-collected if you are the bride and want to wear veil, or show it off with an average hair or short hair to shape your hairstyle.
Wavy Hairstyle

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What look wear it?

Water waves are flattering and glamorous hairstyle that goes very well with dresses or vintage type guest, since this type of hair began to look in the 20s and had its heyday in the 50s.

Now that you know everything about fashion hairstyle, all you need is your mind. You will choose to look them for your wedding or guest?

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