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Perfect bride: 5 rules to choose the wedding jewelry

Perfect bride: 5 rules to choose the wedding jewelry

Hello, future brides: How are you? Surely very excited for your wedding, whichever is closer? If you chose your wedding dress and know how to scour, then the next step to complete your bridal look is to think of the jewels will wear the big day. The jewels are the ideal complement dress; bring a touch of glamour and elegance to the bride’s trousseau, and could make the difference between a somewhat neglected look and one perfectly designed. If you want to look impeccable in your link, to take into account these tips before choosing jewelry used.

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Neckline dress

Do not choose the jewelry that used without having chosen before the dress. Before knowing what accessories used (especially the earrings and necklace) should know what the neckline of your dress. Only then can achieve a harmonious look! If your neck is heart – shaped or large, you can opt for more colorful jewelry.


The types of white dress are also a key factor in choosing jewelry. If you decide on a dress in pure white or raw, look for jewelry in silver tones or white gold. Conversely, if your wedding dress will be pearly or diamond can choose from gold or silver jewelry. If your dress is ivory or champagne tone, prefer gold jewelry.

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Design complexity

The simplicity of the jewels should vary according to the type of dress. For example, if your dress will have much detail as embroidery or inlaid with precious stones, they may accompany jewelry simple and vice versa. The goal is not to be recharged and find a balance.

Style of bride

Finally, the bride jewelry will complement the bridal look, whether it romantic, modern, natural, elegant, classic, vintage, seductive, etc.

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Wedding Time

To choose the jewelry is to take into account the time of the wedding. If you will have a wedding day, then I recommend you opt for a simpler accessories. However, if the wedding is at night, you’d better be more flashy jewelry.

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Wedding venue

Also, if the wedding reception will be open, like a garden, it is best to lean toward simplicity. If it is a closed place like a room or a farm, use something flashier.

Less is more

Avoid you look recharged or saturated Remember that less is always more! To achieve these use no more than three accessories and remember that the headdress counts as one, although it is not considered a gem.

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Balance with headdress

And since I play the theme of bridal headdress, I emphasize the importance of a balance between this accessory and jewelry. For example, if you are going to bring a very striking bridal headdress then your earrings and necklace must be discreet. It is also important to take into account the material of these accessories to match.

Now that you know what you should take into account, choose the most flattering look for your bridal jewelry.

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