6 tips for choosing the right hairstyle girlfriend

Hairstyle for a wedding

When choosing the wedding dress is crucial, think about what suits you. We have consulted idea from an important magazine, some tips on how to choose the wedding dress and hairstyle that best fits each woman according to face shape and physical structure of each bride.

 choosing the right hairstyle

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1) For the long or angular faces he favors a haircut soft, classic or sassy line, but try to sweeten the face.

2) Brides with round face should opt for a wedding hairstyle that lengthens the face, such as a cut marched to tune cheeks combination with a bridal headdress high, always trying to extend the factions.

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3) If your dress is simple and easy, you can choose a bridal hairstyle with the same characteristics or a hairstyle with veil. You also get a good result with a more distinctive look, especially if the dress has a more modern line.

 choosing the right hairstyle

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4) If you have chosen a wedding dress long and vaporous, with tulle or lace suit, you should aim for a bridal headdress classic that is in harmony with the wedding dress without it being a hit too exaggerated especially if the dress is rather elaborate because if so you risk looking like a cake with many layers!

5) If you are of short stature it is better not to overdo with bridal hairstyle too heavy and complicated as neither is advisable to wear her hair down if you have too long since this type of hair shorter stature.

6) If instead you have a thin face with fine features, choose a bridal hairstyle with her hair in a bun will make your head look too small relative to the body, especially if your dress bride is vaporous.

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