How to choose jewelry for the bride for a perfect look?

jewelry for the bride

If you already have the wedding dress, you have chosen hairstyle and makeup you’ll look, you know what style of bouquet you like and have decided what shoes will tread with a firm step on the way to the altar, now missing one small detail: jewelry. Although that day will shine with their own light, it is an aspect that cannot be neglected.

 jewelry for the bride

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Tips for choosing the jewels of the bride

1) Like almost everything in the look of the bride, in this case “less is always more.” So forget the entire jeweler put up if you do not want to look like a Christmas tree.

2) In addition to the alliance that you will take once you say ‘I do’, you cannot leave the engagement ring at home, and you always go on the ring finger of the left hand.

3) Of course, brides do not wear a watch. That day, the time is yours, and you can do with it whatever you want without having to look out for what mark the hands…

 jewelry for the bride

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4) As tradition dictates brides to wear something borrowed and something old, do not give a look that special part of your family who has always love you (provided it is in harmony with the style chosen for the rest of the pieces of the look).

5) If you decide to look necklace, you should consider the type of neckline you have your dress. The length of this depends on how it is pronounced cleavage, so for closed or boat necklines necks, most recommended are the chokers; while if you wear bustier, or a neckline more pronounced in heart, you can ‘afford’ a necklace falling down. Yes, never superposition several necklaces, unless a look of ‘hippy’ inspiration and get married barefoot on the beach or on the edge of a cliff. Yet, we have serious doubts…

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6) The type of outstanding shall be marked by the hairstyle you choose: if you go for an up do, you can play with longer models, falling even half of the neck. If, however, you carry the hair loose, bet small and unobtrusive earrings, remaining glued to the earlobe (and are not you going to engage with the hair).

 jewelry for the bride

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7) Do not mix materials, even different types of gold (white, pink or yellow).

8) The color of the jewelry pieces will mark the dress and accessories, so that if you bring a ‘nuclear’ white model is most appropriate white gold; being the yellow and pink are the best as the fabric is more champagne or beige strip.

9) If you choose colored stones (such as ruby, topaz, sapphire or aquamarine), do so in line with the rest of the look, so that coordinate with the color of the bouquet, touched or supplements (if they do not they are white).

10) The headgear jewel is increasingly fashionable, and creates a sophisticated effect on brides. Opting for materials aged appearance and even some family reconverted part in an ornament for the head.

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