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Beauty tips for summer brides

Beauty tips for summer brides

If you are about to marry soon, during the summer, you have news: Your wedding is coming! If you have not yet chosen a particular style, we recommend you take into account the following tips to have a look that suits you…

1. Choose a make-up according to you

We know you want to highlight on your wedding day, but procure to do with something to go with you. If you do not like something very heavy, I discuss it with your makeup artist.

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2. Long-lasting cosmetics Search

Especially during this time, as heat could ruin quickly; a good option is the gel eyeliners. If you’re going to have a wedding on the beach, try to use as little as possible.

3. Highlight the arch of your eyebrow

Therefore, you will give a summer glow to your face! You can do this with a shadow with glitter or illuminating a tone up your skin.

Beauty tips bride
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4. Prepare for the heat

You know that your wedding will be hot, so it is recommended that you avoid moisturizer apply yourself the day before your event and during the makeup session, just a little base. Thus, you will not will shine.

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5. Take your basic retouching

If you’re not going to hire a makeup artist to touch up, do not forget to have the essential: translucent powder, micelle water, eyeliner and lip.

Beauty tips bride
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6. It outlines your face

It seeks to do with tone similar to your skin tone for a natural look. Do not forget to use illuminates to highlight your features.

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