Makeup trends for brides in 2017

If the wedding dress is important, it is no less makeup. If you’re getting married and want to take a modern appearance while flattering and that combines perfectly with the dress, notes the trends in makeup for brides face this 2017. SUPER inspiring and successful!

Image Source: Google Image

Image Source: Google Image

Makeup and pink nude shade

If you want your wedding day your makeup is not the protagonist, nothing like betting on the nude tones. Lips with just some shine, shades of pink eyes and a makeup quite natural for brides looking to give prominence to dress, hairstyle or, ultimately, another aspect beyond the makeup.

Red lips to power

Do you regularly you wear the red lipstick and some mascara? Then you’re in luck because this type of makeup can accompany you on your wedding day without this, leave trends. Choose for the occasion a red lipstick with a satin effect, eyebrows slightly qualifies and applies quite mask tab. The rest of the makeup must be natural. You see perfect!

Image Source: Google Image

Image Source: Google Image

Cheeks and pink lips

Following in the line of natural makeup, another aesthetic trend for brides in the next 2017 is to apply light blush pink on the cheeks and lips. This is a particularly favorable trend among women blanquettes skin.

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Power your eyes

If in your everyday life you love, especially eye makeup trend is made for you. Girlfriends frame your eyes with eyeliner on both the top and bottom complete with shadows and dark eyes. Finally, some blush on the cheeks and ready.

Image Source: Google Image

Image Source: Google Image

Metallic tones

You like risk when choosing a makeup? The metallic shades are also trend. Perfect for brides apply through an eye shadow in silver and natural makeup.

As you can see, makeup trends for next year fleeing exaggerations, marking or lips or eyes, but never falling into shrillness or satin finish makeup. It seems that in terms of aesthetic trends … less is more!

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