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Bridal Gown

The New Year has arrived and shows for the spring wedding summer 2017 have already dictated the style rules for the next season. If you have not had time to discover the innovations that have paraded on the catwalks, here, briefly, what offers fashion for the big day?


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Asymmetries: The single shoulder dress that for years has declined the idea of asymmetry (and originality) Bridal gown is a cult. The asymmetric originality of the New Year is focused on the skirt, with different lengths along the circumference, perhaps emphasized by several layers of fabric.

Flounces: Not only a great return of horizontal flounces, the effect gypsy, romantic, pompous, or evocative of the 20’s. But irreverent ripples vertical and shoulder hug the silhouette until he was lost in the reeds of the skirt.


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Flakes: Small decorations in some corners of apparel or key elements with important dimensions. These romantic details and voluptuous reign supreme, soft and fallen or design, almost like wings for a dress anything but minimalist.

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Sleeves: Specifically slightly, it went down, to find out the shoulder, while keeping the length to the wrist. Or, according to the idea of pomposity that is returning stalked, bell-shaped, tiered cuffed or even as a bishop.

Cuts: For the most courageous dress 2017 proposes cuts, the openings made on purpose to find out the delicate skin of the spring and summer bride. Sudden openings on the shoulder, décolleté or hips. Unexpected, secretly revealed or definitely provocative. According to the mood of the dress.


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The secret is in the details, mirror the personality and style of the bride. Locate the one that belongs to you and begin to try on clothes. Only by living on your own figure, those patterns take shape and it will be easy to find the right one.

Tip: Be brave and try what you suggested is to atelier. You might be pleasantly surprised with the result.

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