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Bridal Makeup: The Pros And Cons Of Make-Up On Your Own On The Wedding Day

Bridal Makeup

In today’s article I would like to examine with you the pros and cons of the two options, and also, I will give you some useful advice whether you choose to make up your own wedding, or whether you decide to contact a beautician of your confidence.

So let’s start from the pros and cons of “do it yourself”! As many of you have already written in the comments, make-up alone on the wedding day has many advantages, first of all that no one knows your face like you!

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5 Makeup Ideas for Brides

Brides Makeup

The makeup you will wear at your wedding is very important because it will make you look and feel more beautiful. Discover the main proposals to project your beauty to the maximum.

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Bridal makeup: Tips and secrets for make up on your wedding day

Bridal makeup

Dress: chosen! Location: chosen! Flowers: chosen! The wedding day is fast approaching and in the to do list you get to the question bridal makeup. For all of 2017 brides we asked some questions to the makeup artist, that will complement the wedding planner.

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Bridal nail art trends 2017: Everything you wanted to know!

Bridal nail art trends

If you are about to get married and you still have not decided how to draw your nails for the fateful day, do not miss the nail art trend bride 2017 we have selected for you! A lot of news, and also lots of confirmations of trends that we have seen in the past and who cannot go out of style. This year, your hands will be the real works of art on display and highlight the best day of all!

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The make-up perfect wedding for each hair color


Blonde, red or blackberry? For every bride on her make-up! Here are some useful tips to know how to orient among the thousand proposals cosmetics offers depending on the hair color of their skin and have a perfect makeup for your special day!

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Makeup and wedding hairstyles


The bride is the protagonist of the fabulous wedding event : in that day will be absolutely wonderful, and to achieve this effect the make-up of the bride and the hairstyle of the bride will have to be impeccable.

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Extension eyelashes for the bride: For a breathtaking look!

Extension eyelashes

This time I ask the expert, teacher of this technique and who is personally occupied to treat hundreds of brides.

We know that fashion is in vogue all over the world

“The technique of extension cigliari is increasingly widespread in our country, although there are still many people who do not have heard of it.

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Bridal makeup: 9 tips to be able to do it alone and at best

Wedding Hairstyles

One of the most expensive items on the list “of things to pay for marriage” is the bridal makeup.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated it is always very expensive. If I had to motivate why I could not really say it but I think it’s because of a mix between use of long-lasting products (which have a different cost from ordinary products makeup) and the experience of the makeup artist added to the evidence that you would do in months preceding the event.

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Winter Brides and Blush: A Great Ally For A Perfect Wedding Makeup


Dear friends, well found on my blog for my usual tips on make-up dedicated to the bride. I anticipate now that the subject of today will be the blush, one of the cosmetics that, for every woman, but every bride should never miss.

The blush is more present than ever and, for a perfect wedding make-up, it must be strictly pink. And the makeup of the instrument can lift the face, making it radiant.

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Makeup trends for brides in 2017

If the wedding dress is important, it is no less makeup. If you’re getting married and want to take a modern appearance while flattering and that combines perfectly with the dress, notes the trends in makeup for brides face this 2017. SUPER inspiring and successful!

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