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Perfect bride: 5 rules to choose the wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

Hello, future brides: How are you? Surely very excited for your wedding, whichever is closer? If you chose your wedding dress and know how to scour, then the next step to complete your bridal look is to think of the jewels will wear the big day. The jewels are the ideal complement dress; bring a touch of glamour and elegance to the bride’s trousseau, and could make the difference between a somewhat neglected look and one perfectly designed. If you want to look impeccable in your link, to take into account these tips before choosing jewelry used.

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How to wear jewelry in the hair with four different wedding hairstyles

jewelry in the hair

Among all the brides celebrity who married in 2015, especially those still ‘competing’ to become the bride of the year, there are three hairstyles that have appeared in virtually every memorable wedding: hair loose with very little noticeable waves (Sofia Vergara and Bar Refaeli); the collected under with slicked – back hair (Eva Gonzalez and Sofia Hellqvist); and the braid (Alba Carrillo). Three classics that, combined with the tendency of jewel hairstyles, make something as simple as a braid to the side, or a loose hair with hair braided in a real princess hairstyle and all this without resorting to the tiara.

In fact, contrary trends pointing to bridal hairstyle air royal (which by definition should accompany the wedding dress princess skirt that has become fashionable this year and repeated in the next), there are many alternatives that allows ‘enjoy’ our hairstyle, adapting these confections glass on metal crimped to the different types of hairstyle of the bride, both loose and collected: combs, barrettes, clips and hairpins, tiaras … We propose four of these looks, and how to ‘accessorizes’.

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Bridal earrings and collected five looks to combine

Bridal earrings

The jewelry are a must for many brides complement, and that despite the fact that in virtually all cases, except when we have a piece of family heritage that we are determined to take whatever the cost, the choice of them comes almost at the last minute, after choosing the dress, long veil and even hairstyle. An example: a suit long – sleeved work best with a wide bracelet with a white gold bracelet finite, while the latter usually better complement the French sleeves and elbow sleeves that reach the wrist. The same applies to the collar and its relationship to the neck or neckline of the dress. Earrings are a world apart.

These tiny pieces of jewelry must complement both the neck of the dress, as collected from the bride, veil and jewelry that we carry in your hair, especially if they are headbands or tiaras, and if the hair is collected and we want you enhance pending seen from behind. Today we’ll focus on how we can combine different styles of jewelry with up to five different hairstyles.

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