The First Bridal Collection of The 2nd Skin Co. Brides

Bridal Collection

Juan Carlos Fernández and Antonio Burillo, better known as The 2nd Skin Co., have created their first bridal collection. Despite being a line of brides, the essence and the iconic and classic silhouettes of the brand are present in each of the designs, creations that are groundbreaking, original and perfect for being a bride who makes a difference and who runs away from the habitual.

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Bride Hairstyles: What Flowers Do You Choose?

Bride Hairstyles Flowers

Hairstyle is an important detail for a bride, but becomes even more beautiful if decorated with flowers … What do you choose to make the hairstyle perfect?

Flowers and weddings are a perfect match, not just with regard to fittings : the flowers can add a refined and lively touch to every detail of the ceremony, even at the bridal hairstyle. But what flowers do you choose to complete your look? Much depends also on the style and personality of the bride!

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The most sexy wedding dresses signed by Rosa Clara collection 2018

Rosa Clara collection 2018

The new Rosa Clará 2018 collection is undoubtedly the sexiest of the firm. Vaporized wedding dresses that define an evocative and romantic proposal, in which necklines and transparencies dominate, very sophisticated designs full of details, marked silhouettes, with superposition of fabrics and loaded with applications and embroidery by hand.

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Wedding budgets to fall in 2018

A huge shift looks likely next year, with wedding budgets set to fall for the first time in 10 years.

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Wedding budgets have been going up for the last decade, with millennial and generation X-ers embracing tradition and splurging on friends and family to put on the biggest of big days; in fact, by the start of 2017, the average wedding budget in the UK was almost £27,000. The last few months of 2017 have already seen a downturn in this amount, with couples tightening their purse strings for the first time in a decade. The survey, which was carried out by online services provider Bidvine, collected data from over 2,000 wedding services companies, such as caterers and photographers.

Why are weddings so expensive?

One of the reasons wedding budgets have gone up does not necessa...

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5 Surefire Ways to Get Clear Skin in Time for Your Wedding Day

Jewelry For The Bride

Every bride wants to be the perfect picture of glowing health on her wedding day, especially since she’ll be the subject of so many pictures. But if you’re dealing with skin problems like acne, rosacea, or scarring, you might not feel at all pretty, even with the aid of makeup, and you certainly won’t feel comfortable posing for the camera.

But even the worst skin issues can be addressed when you determine the cause and the appropriate course of treatment. And when you go through the steps to get the clear skin you want, you’ll not only look amazing for your special day, but you’ll also gain the confidence that will make you feel great every day. Here are just a few steps that can help you to achieve the flawless face you’ve been craving.

  1. Develop a daily regimen. Whether you currently hav...
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Pronovias shines in New York with its 2018 parade

Pronovias bride collection 2018

In New York follow the fashion shows, now the ones corresponding to the bridal fashion. During the New York Fashion Bridal Week Pronovias has shown her collection Atelier Pronovias 2018, the new and spectacular proposals of Hervé Moreau, in a parade celebrated in the emblematic building 583 Park Avenue of New York.

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Curvy Women’s Wedding Dress: How Do You Choose?

Curvy Wedding Dress

Fashion has decided, women with curves are back to life. At last free from the canons set for decades by walkways, the wedding dress sector seems to have focused on the patterns suitable for curvy women.

Whatever its physicality, every future spouse has the right to shine on the day of their wedding. And those with more curves, in particular, can now wear even the dresses of the Wedding Couture.

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Classic Bridal Dresses with Boho Chic Accessories

Boho Chic Wedding Dress

Wedding with classic dress but with Boho Chic accessories is the new trend and for its beauty, it will still be for years to come. Lace, Volant, flower crowns between your hair and maybe sandals at your feet so your ceremony is really stress-free.

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5 Wedding Dresses that Inspire a Dream of Love

Wedding Dresses

Discover the exclusive designs of wedding dresses that you will love this season. If you dream of a romantic design for your wedding day, we have proposals that inspire love, exclusive designs of one of the most recognized houses in the city.

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Jewelry For The Bride: What To Wear On The Wedding Day?

Jewelry For The Bride

Have you already set the date of the big day? For the day of the wedding, there are a thousand things to think about for everything to be as perfect as you always dreamed of. The first thoughts are on the place where your marriage, the restaurant, the dress, the marriage, the wedding favors will be celebrated, and of course the jewels for the bride should not be forgotten.

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