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How to be radiant on your wedding day? 5 tips for face care

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Each of us have our tricks and habits of particular beauty that reflect the daily care of body and face. If you’re getting married in the coming months, it is very important that you maintain a good beauty routine to be radiant on your wedding day. Opting for natural and do not commit excesses with makeup in order to look a good look. If you take care of today, tomorrow you’ll be spectacular.

To show a good face, healthy and smooth, pay attention to anything that damages the skin, such as external factors like stress and pollution. Although this, with the passage of time, it cannot be stopped but it can act with a good daily facial care. Opting for beauty treatments effective months before your wedding because they require some dedication to achieve visible results.

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5 tips makeup for your wedding day

5 tips makeup

We know that all brides want their wedding day to be perfect, it is the day that we are a real princesses and nobody can ruin that. And a key part of this day is undoubtedly makeup.

The makeup artist Riku Campo shares some surefire tips to make your makeup is perfect on your wedding day, and in this article I will try to share with you 5 makeup tips of Riku Champo to introduce some amazing looks or take them into account when you go to your meetings with your makeup artist…

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