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6 tips for choosing the right hairstyle girlfriend

Hairstyle for a wedding

When choosing the wedding dress is crucial, think about what suits you. We have consulted idea from an important magazine, some tips on how to choose the wedding dress and hairstyle that best fits each woman according to face shape and physical structure of each bride.

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Keys to choosing the ideal wedding dress

ideal wedding dress

We started planning our wedding and one of the first things we want to solve is the design of the wedding dress. We dream it from girls, we imagine, maybe even ever talked about it and it was time to bring it to reality. We want to be divine, to feel comfortable and speak (well) of it. Where to begin? What is it used? How do I not seem disguise? So many questions!

Dresses famous as the last we saw of Kate Middleton or Luisana Lopilato, inspire us, give us ideas, but sometimes it is difficult to adapt to our body and our budget.

With the help of some of the most important designers such as Benito Fernandez, Laurencio Adot, Sylvie Burtin and Mary Pryor, we put together a list of trends, data and tips to keep in mind when looking for the ideal dress.

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