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Wedding Dress and Hairstyle: 5 Styles For The Bride!


We have collected 5 styles for the bride in end of 2016, 5 wedding dresses with matching 5 hairstyles. Tell us what you recognize yourself bride or just what you like best!

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6 tips for choosing the right hairstyle girlfriend

Hairstyle for a wedding

When choosing the wedding dress is crucial, think about what suits you. We have consulted idea from an important magazine, some tips on how to choose the wedding dress and hairstyle that best fits each woman according to face shape and physical structure of each bride.

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How to choose the hairstyle for a wedding

Hairstyle for a wedding

Choose the hairstyle for a wedding is no easy task. You need to pay attention to a few tips to make your hair matches your wardrobe and to not eclipse the bride. Let’s see what they are!

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The invitation to the wedding has come and do not know whether to be happy or despair. On the one hand, you love the wedding because they are happy occasions when two people who love each other unite their lives forever, and it is beautiful to be part of it. But on the other hand, you start thinking about what you’re going to put on and what hairstyle will choose to be cute and presentable, without sacrificing comfort.

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Water waves: The hairstyle that creates trend in brides and guests

Wavy Hairstyle

It is one of the star looks a retro wedding and among its great advantages is that virtually any woman; whatever your hair type can wear it. We talk about water waves, one of the hairstyles that most saw last season among brides and guests and one of our bets for a wedding with a retro touch in winter.

The sophistication and a halo of glamour that leads directly to the golden years of Hollywood are the greatest assets of this hairstyle can make at home in a simple way by following a few guidelines. How to get it? Who favors? We’ll tell you all about water waves.

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