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Water waves: The hairstyle that creates trend in brides and guests

Wavy Hairstyle

It is one of the star looks a retro wedding and among its great advantages is that virtually any woman; whatever your hair type can wear it. We talk about water waves, one of the hairstyles that most saw last season among brides and guests and one of our bets for a wedding with a retro touch in winter.

The sophistication and a halo of glamour that leads directly to the golden years of Hollywood are the greatest assets of this hairstyle can make at home in a simple way by following a few guidelines. How to get it? Who favors? We’ll tell you all about water waves.

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Flowers: The big trend in wedding hairstyles

Wedding headstyles

When choosing a wedding hairstyle it is essential to also consider the accessories you’ll wear on your big day. And it is that a hit can make your bridal look completely changed and you want to rethink the decision before had taken in what refers to your hairstyle in the blink of an eye when you see the whole. If you marry this year and still do not know how to complement your bridal hairstyle, the trend in 2016 will be the flowers. 

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