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The most sexy wedding dresses signed by Rosa Clara collection 2018

Rosa Clara collection 2018

The new Rosa Clará 2018 collection is undoubtedly the sexiest of the firm. Vaporized wedding dresses that define an evocative and romantic proposal, in which necklines and transparencies dominate, very sophisticated designs full of details, marked silhouettes, with superposition of fabrics and loaded with applications and embroidery by hand.

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Curvy Women’s Wedding Dress: How Do You Choose?

Curvy Wedding Dress

Fashion has decided, women with curves are back to life. At last free from the canons set for decades by walkways, the wedding dress sector seems to have focused on the patterns suitable for curvy women.

Whatever its physicality, every future spouse has the right to shine on the day of their wedding. And those with more curves, in particular, can now wear even the dresses of the Wedding Couture.

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5 Wedding Dresses that Inspire a Dream of Love

Wedding Dresses

Discover the exclusive designs of wedding dresses that you will love this season. If you dream of a romantic design for your wedding day, we have proposals that inspire love, exclusive designs of one of the most recognized houses in the city.

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St. Patrick Sposa: The 2018 Collection Has Arrived In Stores!

St. Patrick Sposa Wedding Dress Collection

The highly anticipated St. Patrick’s debut on the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week catwalks made me fall in love with this brand, part of the Pronovias Fashion Group. The St. Patrick Collection 2018 offers a great variety of delicate and sophisticated wedding dresses designed to enhance the bridal body without forgetting comfort.

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Rosa Clará parade collection 2018: The romantic bride is taken

Rosa Clará collection 2018

Rosa Clará has opened the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week with her new bridal proposals, a 2018 collection loaded with romantic and sensual designs that enhance the female silhouette. US model Mariana Downing (Marc Anthony’s girlfriend), Rocio Crusset and South African Jordan Van der Vyver have been the tops of this fantastic and romantic parade.

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7 Wedding Dresses That Maybe You’ve Never Seen!

Spring-Summer Hairstyles

Care brides, there are the big fashion houses, famous throughout the world, with their dream dresses … but not only! There are many studio of wedding dresses that produce so artisanal quality clothes. We had already talked about the emerging designers who daily carry wedding dresses that have nothing to envy of the models important signatures.

Today we want to introduce precisely 7 wedding dresses “unknown” … who knows that among these there is not really yours!

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The details bridal gown 2017, nothing more cool

Bridal Gown

The New Year has arrived and shows for the spring wedding summer 2017 have already dictated the style rules for the next season. If you have not had time to discover the innovations that have paraded on the catwalks, here, briefly, what offers fashion for the big day?

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The super ‘low cost’ wedding dress and you can plant it signature Kiabi


It is increasingly easy to find wedding dresses at affordable prices, a perfect choice to save a few dollars which is very expensive than a wedding. A few months ago Kiabi released her first wedding dress at a price low cost, and the brand has been repeated feat with a new bridal design eco-friendly, it’s over you can plant (no joke).

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Wedding Dress and Hairstyle: 5 Styles For The Bride!


We have collected 5 styles for the bride in end of 2016, 5 wedding dresses with matching 5 hairstyles. Tell us what you recognize yourself bride or just what you like best!

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It is this influencer Lebanese dress one of the most expensive in history? It has taken a year of work to create it


Dana Woolley Zayat is the name of the Lebanese influencer, more than 260k followers on Instagram and a biography of the most exclusive. Named best dressed by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar and ambassador of luxury brands, the dress on its wedding day has become viral. If we review the timeline of the famous social network see herclad in bulky (and expensive) dresses often so the wedding day had to be extra special. The Wife group has been commissioned to make their dreams come true with a majestic dress, invaluable and years of work.

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