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Types and Styles of Wedding Dresses according to your body

Styles of Wedding Dresses

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your Styles of Wedding Dresses should be the cut or style that it has. Not only because it is a way to show your personality and the atmosphere that the wedding celebration will have, but because it can also highlight those areas of your body that you want, or disguise some parts that you do not feel very satisfied with.

In WeddingHairstyle, we bring you the definition of the main types of wedding dresses or party dresses that exist and our recommendations for different body styles.

Types and Styles of Wedding Dresses

Siren typeStyles of Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses, also called trumpet style, are a great option to accentuate a curvaceous figure, as they completely adhere to your curves...

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The second collection of wedding dresses of Intropia makes us fall in love again

wedding dresses

Intropia makes us fall in love with her new bridal collection. After the success of the launch of the first collection of wedding dresses, the Spanish firm launches this Spring-Summer 2018 season the second collection of Intropia Atelier with romantic creations for brides are far from conventional.

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Cherubina wedding dresses that are also red carpet

wedding dresses

We are used to their striking headdresses and fabulous guest designs, but this time Ana and Lucia, the Cherubina sisters, surprise us with their first collection of brides.

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Pronovias shines in New York with its 2018 parade

Pronovias bride collection 2018

In New York follow the fashion shows, now the ones corresponding to the bridal fashion. During the New York Fashion Bridal Week Pronovias has shown her collection Atelier Pronovias 2018, the new and spectacular proposals of Hervé Moreau, in a parade celebrated in the emblematic building 583 Park Avenue of New York.

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5 Wedding Dresses that Inspire a Dream of Love

Wedding Dresses

Discover the exclusive designs of wedding dresses that you will love this season. If you dream of a romantic design for your wedding day, we have proposals that inspire love, exclusive designs of one of the most recognized houses in the city.

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Attention brides of the world! These 11 wedding dresses cost less than 500 dollars


The marriage ceremony seems a good deal, at least for suppliers. The flowers cost a pastry, the banquet also and the dress more of the same. Are you getting married this spring and are you just on a budget? That does not have to be a problem, because these beautiful and delicate wedding dresses have come to help you. They are all wonderful, in design and in price. None exceeds 600 dollars, but they will exceed your expectations.

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The most beautiful boho wedding dresses you can have


The wedding season is approaching and with it, the incessant questions to those that this 2016 will wear white. What style of dress goes with me?

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Elie Saab launches its first collection of wedding dresses


It is not the first time Elie Saab designs wedding dresses, as it does for Pronovias under the name Saab Elie by Elie, but if it is the first time launching its own collection. The collection of wedding dresses Elie Saab will be released in the spring of 2017, so if you marry that year and can be taking note.

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