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Let your hair at your wedding!

Wedding Hairstyle

It has been one of the most iconic images of all time in a royal wedding and your bet has created trend. Until the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton before, laciest her hair in a semicollected, almost loose on her big day, brides trend was collected hair in chignons or collected high or low according to her face. Now the bridal aesthetic has changed and girlfriends no longer afraid to leave her hair loose on her big day.

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8 essential questions for your wedding hairdresser

Wedding Hairstyle

Although many times we do not realize it, hairstyle is one of the most important elements of the look of any bride, a choice that can make the whole to be totally harmonious, or otherwise, smashing styling completely and hopelessly. For the success is safe, it is important to surround yourself with good people to help us hit the mark with what we want and to achieve this, it is essential to do a series of questions to your hairdresser to know whether or not the most suitable for your big day. These are the ones that cannot miss…

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8 tips for your wedding hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

Choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is not just a matter of taste. The types of clothing or accessories you wear are some of the elements that will determine your choice. To not go wrong, follow these 8 tips for your wedding hairstyle.

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How to wear jewelry in the hair with four different wedding hairstyles

jewelry in the hair

Among all the brides celebrity who married in 2015, especially those still ‘competing’ to become the bride of the year, there are three hairstyles that have appeared in virtually every memorable wedding: hair loose with very little noticeable waves (Sofia Vergara and Bar Refaeli); the collected under with slicked – back hair (Eva Gonzalez and Sofia Hellqvist); and the braid (Alba Carrillo). Three classics that, combined with the tendency of jewel hairstyles, make something as simple as a braid to the side, or a loose hair with hair braided in a real princess hairstyle and all this without resorting to the tiara.

In fact, contrary trends pointing to bridal hairstyle air royal (which by definition should accompany the wedding dress princess skirt that has become fashionable this year and repeated in the next), there are many alternatives that allows ‘enjoy’ our hairstyle, adapting these confections glass on metal crimped to the different types of hairstyle of the bride, both loose and collected: combs, barrettes, clips and hairpins, tiaras … We propose four of these looks, and how to ‘accessorizes’.

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Preparing my hair for my wedding day

Wedding Hairstyles

There are many details to be finalized for a wedding, but certainly one of the most important is the appearance of the bride, and that is not just dress, makeup and hairstyle also play a key role. But not just about choosing a good hairdresser, some advice extras will help you have a perfect hair for the special day, learn how to prepare your hair for your wedding day and look spectacular.

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How my hair for a wedding day

hair for a wedding day

Comes the wedding season and already started looking for the dress, shoes and accessories ideal to be among the most glamorous guests of the link. Also, once you have chosen your wardrobe that day, you should think about the makeup and hairstyles that suit you to complete the look and make the best of impressions. In WeddingHairStyle we want to help with a few simple tips so you know how to comb your hair for a wedding day.

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How to comb my hair for my civil wedding

Wedding HairStyle

The wedding is a very important event for a couple and a way to celebrate their union is through a civil ceremony. In fact, this type of celebration has become one of the most common among boyfriends and every time there is less difference between a civil marriage and the church, regarding preparations. If you want to know how to comb your hair for your civil wedding here are some ideas.

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