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Midi wedding dresses: bridal outfits with style and bon ton

Midi wedding dresses: bridal outfits with style and bon ton

Among the trends of wedding dresses of the last few years we have been able to admire proposals full of style and avant-garde, we have been transported by the return on the catwalks of vintage wedding dresses, by sophisticated reinterpretations of the timeless princesses and by the charm of minimalist cuts in a full style less is more. Today we will talk instead of midi wedding dresses, a specific model reminiscent of the Fifties whose length can vary from the calf to the ankles, which in the collections of recent years is repeated with an exclusive design.


What does a midi dress look like?Midi wedding dresses: bridal outfits with style and bon ton

The midi is a valid alternative to the classic long model, the characteristics according to which it is structured make it the maximum expression of bon ton and sophistication, making it distance itself from the most carefree short wedding dress.
She can present herself as a midi princess, with a bodice that outlines the waist and abandons herself to the volumes of wide skirts that are just above the knee height.
Tubes in Mikado, a fabric known for its preciousness and structured texture, with corseted fence and a sweetheart neckline, a detail that gives it a lively mood that at the same time adheres faithfully to the indissoluble classic dictates. It is one of the best bridal outfits.
The romantic soul takes shape in the powdery nuances of the lace wedding dresses along the bodice and the volumized skirt with a thousand layers of tulle. A model that gives momentum to the figure but that evokes the elegance of the traditional dress.

Elegance and bohemian touch

Contemporary brands make midi dresses also for a bohemian dress code, we find it in fact in the manufacture of lace that stretches from bodices to flared skirts. It is one of the best bridal outfits.

Alternatives: asymmetric and modular

Those who want to stand out with an extravagant outfit will find the right answer to their needs in asymmetric cuts with long trains in the back, which combine lace and tulle workmanship and have bishop sleeves with a retro taste, a type of garment that is certainly perfect for matching. to a pair of elegant shoes with glitter or totally metallic inserts.
Or the suits with a leather jacket that outline and highlight the waist creating a sharp break with the volumes of tulle skirts. It is one of the best bridal outfits.
This type of model fits perfectly in a bridal look for a vintage-style reception, we’re talking about the fifties and the fascinating pin-ups. Nowadays the great bridal fashion brands have revisited the lines of this model in the most varied ways, making it ideal for classic weddings and even for country-chic ones, thanks to peculiar perforations in lace and specific fabrics for their elaboration.

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