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How much do you know about Superdry? It’s a brand we see everywhere but what is the story behind the brand? Here are some facts about Superdry that you might not know:

  1. The brand started life in the small town of Cheltenham, UK and was the brainchild of Julian Dunkerton and James Holder.
  2. James Holder had already enjoyed significant success as the founder of skate culture inspired brand Bench.

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  1. It was a love and passion for Japan that inspired the pair to launch Superdry after a visit to the country. After visiting Tokyo, they both pooled their individual experience and passions to create a cutting edge clothing brand called Superdry.
  2. Originally, the clothing line consisted of just 5 t-shirts. They soon grew to now have a range that includes more than 500 distinctive logos and thousands of individual garments to choose from. For your piece of the Superdry action, check out Superdry Menswear at Louis Boyd
  3. For a start up consisting of only 5 t-shirts, the company did incredibly well as one of those designs was worn by none other than David Beckham! Celebs now spotted wearing their designs include Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet.

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  1. Don’t think that the Japanese logos always mean something deep and meaningful however. The company uses a direct automatic translation tool which means that they don’t aim for the text to be accurate. Consider it more as decoration than anything else.
  2. Have you noticed that you’ve never seen a Superdry advert on TV? The company prefers to have their clothes seen on the right people and uses influencers as opposed to direct marketing.

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