How to avoid brassy hair

How to avoid brassy hair

One of the biggest dreads for all you blondes out there is ending up with brassy locks! How does this occur? When hair is not properly cared for after colouring. What happens is too much of the warm colouring starts to show through, so gold highlights go orangey and platinum turns yellow.

When you colour your hair, your natural colour is lifted to create space for the new colour to show. This removal of colour makes shades such as reds, yellows and oranges more obvious unless the right steps are taken to prevent this from happening. Here are some handy hints for getting rid of any suspicion of brassiness:

  1. Be clever with your use of colour

Try to avoid choosing one colour for the whole of your hair. Discuss having a combination of high and lowlights with your colourist. This greatly reduces the risk of the colour turning brassy all over your hair. The closer you stay to your natural hair colour, the less chance there is of colours turning bad. It is recommended not to go more than two shades lighter or darker you’re your natural colour. For a Gloucester Hairdressers, visit Gloucester Hairdressers HeadKandy.

  1. Stay out of the sun

Being in direct sunlight will dry and fade hair colour. It also speeds up the oxidation of your newly coloured tresses. When hair comes into contact with UV rays and oxygen, it brings out more of the underlying warm colours of your hair which could increase the likeliness of a brass attack! If you must be out in the sun, wear a hat or spritz regularly with an anti-UV spray.

  1. Stay cool

Whilst not the most comfortable feeling in the world, you are better off washing your freshly coloured hair in cool water. This helps to preserve the colour for longer.

  1. Avoid swimming

Chlorine is well-known for its harsh effect on hair, stripping it of natural oils and leaving it brittle. The more damage is done to your coloured hair, the higher the chance of it turning brassy. If you absolutely can’t resist a swim, try dousing your hair in bottled water before taking the plunge and give your hair some good moisture to soak up while you swim. Straight after swimming, shampoo and condition to prevent further damage.

  1. Glaze

You can ask your colourist to apply a sheer glaze to your hair once it has been coloured. This helps to trap the tone of freshly coloured blonde locks, preventing fading and discolouration. This can help to seal in colour for an additional six weeks!

  1. Condition it well

A simple routine but can make a big difference. The softer and more flexible your hair strands are, the less likely they are to succumb to damage and colour fading. Use a deep-conditioning treatment on your hair and then apply a hydrating, clear shine gloss to lock in all that goodness.


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