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8 kind of white wedding gown: Do you know the difference?

8 kind of white wedding gown: Do you know the difference?

It’s time to choose the wedding dress! How many times have you seen on instagram or pinterest and stingy thought ‘it’s you!’, only to be assailed by doubts: ‘this will be the right neckline for me? What fabric is made? And the color?’ It’s a question facing all, not only those of ‘I want to color’; grasp the subtle nuances that separate one white the other is not easy, it takes a trained eye, like that of Lea, the mind and heart of Eventoile Handmade Wedding & Events, an agency that organizes custom marriages even in distant havens.

Today we can help you by presenting the most common white-8 for the wedding dress. Hidden object and take note!

1. Ice White

white wedding gown

Maximum brightness for this white, with traces of gray or blue. It’s a cool shade but very elegant, you will not find among the 5 outfits of fashion of 2017, but for those who are left captivated by the slip dress is the most suitable color.

2. Natural White

white wedding gown

It is a bright white that unlike the white ice does not turn either blue or gray. It’s a no tint color, is not the most loved by brides Millennials, but is perfect for the nostalgic who are looking for the classic ‘white dress’.

3. Ivory

white wedding gown

One step up from the previous white: slightly warmer, contains a hint of yellow, and is the color most chosen by today’s brides. Thus the silk before dyeing, an elegant white off, which is more natural and helps enhance the complexion.

4. Pearl

white wedding gown

Very close to the natural white but with a tinge of gray and vanilla. It is not very popular among the wedding dresses, but in dull tones is elegant, stylish and very original.

5. Cream

white wedding gown

Going up a shade meet hottest and bright colors, that wink at the beige, but in much lighter shades. The white cream is a very elegant and romantic variant, which illuminates the complexion illuminating the bride.

6. Champagne

white wedding gown

Slightly more golden ivory, shades of white that takes its name from the champagne, it is difficult to wear, but the final effect is truly remarkable.

7. Nude

white wedding gown

It means ‘naked’ and is so called because it simulates the natural color of the skin. There is much use in combination with the natural white, placed over this color, seems placed directly on the skin.

8. Powder Pink

white wedding gown

It seems pink, but it is not! It is a much clearer shades of dusty pink, reminiscent of the color of cameos but made more opaque, as covered by a thin veneer. It has become over the years one of the colors ‘traditional’ wedding gown.

These 8 white you have helped her understand what shades will be the dress of your dreams? Browse through our selection of wedding dresses and find out what will be yours.

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