How to plan a simple wedding

How to plan a simple wedding

The crisis, the lack of time, or the hustle and bustle of daily life have made many couples leave behind ostentatious and complex weddings. Simplicity is a clear bet for many of the marriage bonds that are celebrated today. For this reason, at we give you some ideas and tips on how to plan a simple wedding. With these resources, we assure you that you will experience a dream wedding, with a good budget and dedicate the necessary time to your priorities. Remember this golden rule: less is more.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Set priorities. Before you start looking, make a list of what cannot be missing from your ceremony. Even if you have a tight budget, think about what you are most excited about and discard everything that is unnecessary. You will save time and money in the organization of the link.

Step: 2

Discounts. Currently, many catering services and restaurants fit your pocket. Before choosing an idyllic but expensive place, find out about the discount packages or the offers that are offered in many places (farmhouses, restaurants, hotels…) and that adapt to your needs. Consult our article How to choose a caterer for my wedding, surely you will find a magical space at an ideal price.

Step: 3

Make your own invitations. Optimize expenses by making your own paper invitations. Another option is to make simple and original invitations through social networks or emails. And if you want to be more personal, opt for phone calls.

Step: 4

A single color. For decoration such as flowers, table linen, ribbons, etc. Make sure they are all one color. Monochrome will save you time and money. We recommend that you use white since it is an elegant, pure and beautiful color.

Step: 5

No artificial flowers! Try not to spend money on plastic and bet on green plants and pots when choosing flowers for your wedding, as they will save you more money. If you are passionate about flowers, bet on fresh and natural ones. Decorate them with glass vases of different shapes and sizes so that your space looks elegant, clean, and with very fresh air.

Step: 6

Few, but in good company. Select your guests. The number had better be between 50 and 100, otherwise, the price will skyrocket. The guest list must be made conscientiously, put family commitments aside and invite those closest to you.

Step: 7

As for the decoration, it is better to be simple than cheesy. So forget about buying cheap stuff to fill the space. With natural flowers and a few candles, the space will look beautiful and elegant. Nothing else is needed.

Step: 8

Don’t miss the music! But save yourself some money with it. If you don’t have enough budget to hire a professional DJ or band, bet on a youth band or propose one of your guests to be in charge of the music. With a CD with your favorite songs and a good compilation of songs you will have a great time.

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