Velvet dress: the inevitable caress for wedding

Velvet dress: the inevitable caress for wedding

The soft and elegant fabric, a friend of the cold, knows how to reinvent itself in a sporty version of clothes and accessories for everyday life.

When we think of a warm and enveloping fabric that also manages to be elegant, velvet has few rivals. With its satin-haired fur effect, softness to the touch, and satin texture, it has a charm that resists the centuries and goes beyond fashion to furniture, where it covers sofas and cushions with a renewed success. If, in the smooth version, it ensures refinement on evening dresses, ribbed takes on more democratic and wearable shades – for men, women, and children – in everyday life.

Due to the characteristics of its processing, velvet is pure winter and more difficult to show off in the warm seasons than suede, the trendy suede is also on summer shoes. Velvet has found the trick to be present also on the beaches with velvet glasses, covered with a plush layer in relief, and with chenille costumes that imitate the appearance of the noblest fabric reserved for the great cold.

If the velvet on the clothes gives you an austere or a little too vintage impression, do not neglect the accessories, such as a headband or a clutch bag: a small detail will be enough, associated for example with pearl earrings and heels, to make also a very simple dress a set suitable for ceremonies.

Or, give velvet in a sporty version a chance: have you ever tried velvet trousers under a sweatshirt or on sneakers?

The velvet blazer: Sebowel

It’s time to change and compose a suit, passe-partout for business or formal occasions, in velvet. Classic, yes, but also original. Sebowel sells the jacket and the flared trousers individually. Both close with a golden retro button that stands out against the darker fabric. Depending on size and availability, you can opt for emerald or dark green, or midnight blue. The blazer has a collar and two pockets is long to the thighs and has a fitted model. The same brand also offers jackets that go down to the knees or that close with wallet flaps.

The velvet dress: Belle Poque

Cut of a sheath dress, gathering at the waist and a wide round neck: with the dress that can be purchased on Amazon, it will seem to wear a sheath, without too many constraints. If you don’t want to show off a few rolls too many, just select the dress one size up and the folds of the velvet will do the rest. It is no coincidence that it is one of the best-selling dresses of this kind on the site. You can choose between dark gray and black, two shades of blue, green, wine, red and purple. Some selections have a V-neck.

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