10 tips for fairytale wedding hairstyles

10 tips for fairytale wedding hairstyles

Discover the 10 expert advice Hair Stylist to show off the town’s wedding hairstyle perfect! Because, to be flawless on the day of the wedding, it is crucial to choose the wedding hairstyle right, which is in harmony not only with the dress chosen well with the overall tone of the event. Read our tips for town’s wedding hairstyle fabulous.

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1) To enhance the image of the bride without changing it

That always be themselves, especially in the most important day, not to upset their look, providing with a wedding hairstyle that does not suit your style, but, on the contrary, enhance its quality.

2) Choose a look that reflects the character of the bride

A young woman, perhaps whimsical and original, will have to choose a look for the wedding hairstyle that is also young and whimsical, perhaps choosing a particular accessory and unusual. Conversely a shy bride, will feel comfortable with a hairstyle soft bride, little developed that does not feel your face masked or fake.

3) To emphasize the personality of the bride

A touch of self will be critical to personalize a wedding hairstyle and make it tailored. Will be enough an accessory a little bit special, a wry detail to play down, maybe town’s wedding hairstyle formal or particularly rich.

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4) To enhance their quality by hiding the defects

Have to work on a wedding hairstyle that enhances the qualities, perhaps the big eyes or sweet features, hiding the defects, such as a nose a bit’ pronounced for example. This also means not starting with an idea too rigid and preconceived, but evaluation on its face what is best suited. A sweet face will be enhanced by such a hairstyle very soft bride while for brides with the most marked features, with a dark complexion or amber, are preferred by the tone hairstyles, elaborate chignon and hair pulled back.

5) Create simple things in an extraordinary way

It is not necessary to satisfy the fashion at all costs, but rather always give priority to the naturalness, respect the line and the nature of your hair, making it extraordinary through the inclusion of precious details, such as a hair slides, rather than fresh flowers.

6) Unlimited Fantasy

Play with the shapes, with hair, but also in the details, choosing perhaps to a semi-collecting combing an earring pendant or a point light to illuminate the face and neckline in the case of a parabolic wedding hairstyle more sophisticated.

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7) To be in harmony with the general tone of the wedding

The location, nightly or daily reception. These are all details to keep in mind not to seem out of place or inadequate. For example for a romantic wedding by the sea, the look will be preferred very nature and little built with a hairstyle bride some 70 years, a little flower child. On the contrary, for a princely wedding reception, which takes place perhaps in a castle, you will prefer a most valuable hairstyle, princess precisely.

8) Getting to know your gown style

As for the location, even the dress will play an important role in choosing the most appropriate look. For a very sophisticated dress with a long train or a wide skirt and fluffy, it will play with a hairstyle from the nineteenth-century line, revisited in a modern key.

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9) Trust and complicity with the hair stylist

Do not underestimate the psychological aspect. Create a good feeling with your Hair Stylist, conversing with him, telling a bit self but trusting their advice, it will allow the bride to live with pleasure the moment of choice of their own hairstyle, without tension or discomfort.

10) Request professionalism and seriousness to their Hair Stylist

A serene bride and not shaken will be certainly more beautiful and sunny in the day of your marriage. Relying on serious and punctual professionals, the bride will get comfortable and relax.

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