12 tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle

12 tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle

The long-awaited day arrived. It is time to dedicate time to yourself and with the help of your stylist, your mom or your best friend choose your wedding hairstyle.

Remember that it is a very important decision because it will be the perfect place to highlight your beauty and personality complement.

Some tips to make your choice…

Wedding Hairstyle
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1. Know your face

The first step is to choose the style that best go to the shape of your face. You must be honest with yourself and choose the hairstyle that makes you look comfortable and beautiful.

2. Take advice from a professional

It is the day of your wedding and who better than an expert, to take care of every detail in the special day.

Wedding Hairstyle
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3. Taking into account accessories

From your first date, consider the accessories that you used either veil or tiara flowers.

4. Define your style

Know what you want will help you avoid long talks about your hair. Remember that there will always be someone with an opinion and will need to decide calmly and confidently.

Wedding Hairstyle
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5. No improvise

Check with your stylist all the changes you wish to make and not be prey to panic attacks, is a night to look beautiful.

6. Consider the time of the wedding

It is important to remember that in the morning you can wear a less rigid hair. So a semi collected would be ideal for you.

For an afternoon or evening wedding is Ideal combing a more structured, it can be a total or semi collected and supplement it with accessories.

7. Note the place

The place is important when making this decision.

A wedding on the beach is the perfect place to use a boho-chic style scenario, so one side or braid her hair are the ideal choice for you.

Wedding Hairstyle
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8. Make your change gradually

If you have decided to give a total change in your image, do it in stages and thus avoid many tears

9. Have a Kit of Emergency

Have on hand to touch up the basics so you’ll look perfect in every moment of your wedding.

Wedding Hairstyle
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10. Take into account your height

If your hair is very long and you’re down, try not to use it loose. However if you are tall, decide by a discreet styling.

11. Consider your dress

The shape, cleavage, all these details are important to not look overloaded.

12. Take your test

Experiment without remorse and test all the changes you want. If the final result do not like, simply choose another option for the wedding day.

Remember the most important thing on that special day is that radiant looks, as you always dreamed of.

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