8 essential questions for your wedding hairdresser

8 essential questions for your wedding hairdresser

Although many times we do not realize it, hairstyle is one of the most important elements of the look of any bride, a choice that can make the whole to be totally harmonious, or otherwise, smashing styling completely and hopelessly. For the success is safe, it is important to surround yourself with good people to help us hit the mark with what we want and to achieve this, it is essential to do a series of questions to your hairdresser to know whether or not the most suitable for your big day. These are the ones that cannot miss…

1. Availability

It may seem obvious, but when we talk about our wedding we always have to go far to go before “infatuated” with any provider. It will not help your favorite hairdresser that so many times you’ve seen in blogs girlfriends, you good advice if it comes to the truth, that day is busy.

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2. Price of service

The budget will have to the hairdresser for the big day is very important and you must know as soon as possible to see whether or not fit with the idea that you had on it.

3. Does evidence?

The famous hair and makeup tests brides are for something and the reason is simple: they are fundamental for the bride on her big day guesses. Do not hesitate to ask your future hairdresser if included in the budget that is giving you and what their conditions are (if there will be a limit test or hairstyles to try, if you have to do in several days or just one, etc.).

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4. Can you comb your hair in the place where you go to get dressed?

It is critical to keep in mind. Many hairdressers charge a surcharge for travel to the place where the bride is dressing and some do not even give the option. If it is important for you to be he who moves, you must clarify this point as soon as possible.

5. You can also comb wedding more people?

Once you have found the ideal hairdresser can your mother or your friends want that comb them also. If you approach this option, ask as soon as possible if there is chance.

6. What hairstyle do you think you would do well to this dress?

Of course, you can have your own idea about how you want to comb your hair, but you should never miss the opportunity of a professional used to comb girlfriends give you their opinion on the style that best suits you sit at your wedding gown. It can give you a great idea that you never even had happened to you!

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7. How I can complement the hairstyle?

Are you thinking about wearing a veil? Do you prefer a headdress or tiara? If you want to supplement your hair in any way, your hairdresser is who best can help you define how to do it as it will not only know your dress, but also the characteristics of your hair, which is essential because not all monkeys, for example, can bear the weight of a veil.

8. Do you need my hair some treatment prior to the wedding?

Maybe your hair is slightly spoiled for leaving him grow, summer or because they simply need a refresher. Do not forget to check with your hairdresser, but remember: never make a sudden change of look before the wedding. As much as I tell you the expert, a new cut, wicks or a different dye than usual they may make you feel weird on your big day.

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