How to choose the perfect accessory for your wedding hairstyle

How to choose the perfect accessory for your wedding hairstyle

After putting great effort in the choice, the bouquet and jewelry, and makeup, thinking now has to go to your hair and accessories that you will choose to adorn.

Sure, there are probably pass by the head million hairstyles: bun, elegant loose curls, but maybe you are not able to imagine the end result.

Just as necklaces, earrings and bracelets give that extra touch to your look, even the accessories for the hair can change and completely transform your hairstyle. We are talking about headbands, combs, hairpins, barrettes, headbands and tiaras wedding. Any type of hairstyle you choose brides loved ones, know that these seemingly small details can make a big difference and have a decisive impact on your style.

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Whether it’s a crown, a band, a comb or a clasp, in fact, there is also a practical reason that, most likely, you will opt for one or the other: in addition to being beautiful and precious, take your hair away from your eyes that we know well, it is something crucial for the moment of you, and photos in general and it’s nice to show it succinctly, without covering it in such an important day. Your eyes, full of joy, will, in fact, the thing that will shine brighter in your marriage!

Here, then, ten examples (in the gallery you will find all the images matching) from which you can be inspired to choose the accessory for the hair that best fits to your bridal look, your makeup, your dress but also your personality and the style of your wedding:

1- Cherished by floral headband

This headband in cream and ivory, with crystal and pearl detail is simply amazing. Light and airy, with vintage floral patterns, in a delicate gold reminiscent of the one used in the 40’s. Pearls and Swarovski crystals adorn the delicate flowers, the protagonists of this accessory.

The headband can be worn either on the left than on the right: wearing it on the left, the design will stand out on your hair while worn on the right, gently iconic your face.

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2- Vintage headband by Gossamer

With this circle we go back in time, to 1920, precisely, it is a truly vintage item. It seems made of wax, with small flowers and buds. It will give you a royal charm. If you are going to purchase it, you know that it is in excellent condition.

3- Hairpin with crystal details by TwigsandHoney

This hairpin brings with it all the charm of flowers. Gold-plated, hand-made presents of brass leaves which are accompanied by Swarovski crystals. An accessory, too, really lovely.

4- Comb Midsummer by Kelly Spence

A spray of pink gold plated leaves and freshwater pearls bunches up this curved comb. Large about 22 cm and also available in yellow gold and silver, offering an imperial effect that only certain types of hairstyles, however, can afford.

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5- Crown Designs by Sibo

This crown is designed to cause a real impact on the bridal look. And handmade with the finest attention to detail. Brass or silver base, with hand-painted flowers and crystals.

6- Crown by Lacielle Roselle

Vintage-inspired beads. Very fine and delicate, yellow gold plated. Spectacular with her hair but can be adapted to any type of hairstyle.

7- Comb by Jennifer Behr

Use this comb as the finishing touch for your wedding hairstyle and wear it again for formal events in the coming years.

All accessories designer Jennifer Behr are quality memorabilia that will last. This delicate floral comb is made by hand with Swarovski crystals. Each crystal is set manually. It can be worn under the veil and is perfect to even show during the reception.

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8- Clip by Sibo Designs

The drawings and the crystals are sewn by hand on lace. The chains are silver pendants with beads and Swarovski. The structure is mounted on gold-plated metal. Available in ivory / silver colors.

9- Kirby by One World Design

These floral hairpins you can put them anywhere, creating a unique look for your special day! Plated with gold and brass, each includes freshwater pearls and rhinestones. The floral extensions are flexible and can be bent to suit any hairstyle.

10- Floral belt by Sibo Designs

One of the many floral bands offering Sibo Design. Available in ivory, is completely handmade. The satin flowers can be modeled with the hands and embraced by a beautiful freshwater beads embroidery.

I hope these ideas are able to stimulate your imagination and bring you to find the right accessory for your wedding hairstyle!

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