Protecting Your Wedding Hair During Sunny Days

Protecting Your Wedding Hair During Sunny Days

Strands that are sun-kissed are normally seen as being gorgeous but in so many situations there are various problems that appear when this happens. One of the situations is when you get your wedding hair done and it is simply destroyed by the effect of sun rays. UV exposure will always cause damaged, dry hair. That is not what you want during the wedding. Sun basically acts like bleach. It causes discoloration. Hair ends up being weak, frizzy, brittle and very hard to manage. Hairstylists can do the best possible job and not be able to stop what sun can do.

The great news is that you can protect your wedding hair from the damaging effects of sun rays. Based on the experience of Wonderstruck Weddings & Events, here are some things that you can easily do right now to help you avoid having a major disaster on what should be the most important day of your life.

Preparation Primer

One of the interesting options that are available for you is to use an oil primer. There are not many available on the market but they are not actually expensive. You only have to pay around $30 for one and end up with hair that is softer and with more moisture. Primers are going to help defend against exposure to UV rays, which is exactly what you want the most.

Heat Protectant

A heat protectant costs $30 on average and you can use it right before styling. In fact, at the high-end salons you are going to see that heat protectants are almost always used before styling starts. This will help the hair to not end up burned. The great thing is that such a product also makes the negative effects of styling less impactful.

Being Careful When Going To The Swimming Pool

If you will go for a swim or you will get the hair wet, remember that you should put on extra hair products right after. This is similar to how sunscreen is reapplied. Unfortunately, most women do not take care of their hair in the same way they do with their skin. There are many products on the market that can be bought in a spray form. These are perfect to protect hair from chlorine and sun.

Reviving Your Hair

Sometimes you just spend too much time in the sun and there is nothing that you can do about it. Who can blame you when you need to deal with so many things as you plan the wedding? What you will have to do in such a situation is to revive the weather-ravaged, dehydrated air with after-sun creams. They will hydrate, repair and smooth.

Hair Treatment

Hair treatment is good in almost all cases. Deep conditioning is great for the future brides as it will basically transform brittle, dry hair. This should be done around 2 times weekly. There are many hair masks that you can use in half an hour and that will do wonders in protecting your hair.

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