Saving money on your wedding

Saving money on your wedding

As soon as you begin planning your wedding, your excitement can quickly turn to dismay as it becomes clear how much everything will cost. Thankfully, there are loads of ways to make actual savings. With a few DIY tips, you can still have a glamorous day at a fraction of the cost.

Choose an off-peak day or season to get married

Hiring the right venue is one of the main costs of the wedding, but you’ll find many great deals and reductions by choosing a day or season that isn’t as popular. Of course, the most popular days are Saturdays in the spring and summer, so choosing a Friday in late Autumn or Winter could save you a small fortune. If you desperately want a summer wedding, compromise with a weekday affair to save money.

Clearance Wedding Dress

Why not shop for your dress in a clearance sale section? This sounds a lot worse than it is. As new gowns enter the market each new season, unsold dresses from existing or last season’s collections get bumped into the sale section. These are still brand new dream gowns, but there’s a better chance of you grabbing one for a discounted price!

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Consider hiring a student band

Instead of searching the local wedding band directory, consider contacting local music colleges or bands who might not have been playing the wedding circuit. Wedding bands are expensive, and you could hire a non-professional yet highly talented group for a fraction of the cost of a professional set-up. See them live, watch a recording or hold auditions; make sure you’ve heard them before they play your big day!

Use fresh flowers sparingly

Stunning fresh flowers will bump up your wedding bill, primarily for florist labour than for the flowers themselves. Focus on the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, and corsages, but use artificial flowers for the rest of your décor to cut costs. It’s the bouquets and corsages that will show most in the photos. You can substitute table flowers with cheaper yet attractive potted plants or candles. Consider a handmade crochet bouquet holder, for example. For Crochet Kits, consider

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Buy a basic cake and decorate it

A basic cake can easily be made beautiful with cheap accessories such as ribbon, edible decorations, toppers, and ready-to-roll icing. Alternatively, have a small fancy cake for display and cutting but serve guests a more basic sheet cake.

Use trainee hair and makeup artists

You don’t have to use professional wedding hair and makeup stylists. You can find students and trainees who want the practice for a fraction of the cost or even free if they need to build their portfolio. Have them come with their trainer to make any last-minute fixes before you head off.

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