What kind of greenery do florists use in their arrangements?

What kind of greenery do florists use in their arrangements?

A florist can create a beautiful floral display for any event, or a bouquet as a gift for someone’s birthday. It is a little luxury that you should enjoy to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion.

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In addition to using flowers such as roses and carnations, florists will also add greenery elements to their displays in order for them to give the display a more natural feel. Some plants are used by florists as greenery for bouquets and flower displays to create a stunning contrast between bright flowers and the green background. Some of these include:

Myrtle – Myrtle is an incredibly versatile plant that can be used by florists in many different ways. The leaves are incredibly glossy and grow on long stems. You can use them in small or large quantities to make a statement. The leaves are not only beautiful, but they also have a sweet scent. Since ancient times, myrtle has been a symbol of love. This is why it is often used in wedding bouquets and centrepieces at wedding reception tables. For advice from a Gloucestershire Florist, visit a site like https://flowershedtewkesbury

Tree Ferns – These plants are great for floral arrangements because they have thin stems that can be shaped. They can also be inserted into oasis blocks without creating large gaps. The leaves and branches are perfect for buttonholes at weddings. They’re wispy, willowy and have a lovely texture. Tree ferns can be used at the back of bouquets to add a splash of colour without having to use a lot of them. They naturally fan out, giving the appearance of even greater green lusciousness.

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Ivy – Ivy is a very popular plant, both to grow in pots as well as in floral arrangements. Ivy is often used to create depth and interest in pedestal displays by trailing it down from the main area. Ivy comes in many different shades of green. Some are a solid colour, while others have a leaf colour that is different from the outer part.

Eucalyptus – This comes in many varieties, including some with a grey-blue colour or a dark green tint. This plant can be used to dye the leaves in a wide range of colours. This plant’s versatility allows it to be used for everything from table centrepieces to bouquets.

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