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7 tips for your wedding hairstyle

wedding hairstyle

The hair and hairstyle to complete the look of a bride, making it perfect. It is an indispensable detail that cannot be left to chance; for this, we will give some tips to make your wedding hairstyle.

All brides want to be perfect from head to toe and to achieve this it is necessary to start their own head! They are dissolved or collected, the hair is an integral part of the bride’s look, therefore, must be perfect and complement the dress. Take note of our suggestions and everything goes smoothly.

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7 Tips to choose your Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

Are you getting married and you have almost everything ready? You have chosen to dress, church, banquet … And shoes?  One mistake many brides are to leave this small and important detail for last.

So that you do not pass and enjoy all the wedding without discomfort, we recommend the following 7 tips to choose your Wedding Shoes.

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