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Bridal veil in Spanish mantilla style

Bridal veil in Spanish mantilla style

A very refined accessory to combine with the wedding dress, the Spanish mantilla veil continues over the years to dictate elegance and style on the bride’s look. It is a typical and traditional complement, often combined with the bridal bouquet, which can recall the details of the dress you will wear on your wedding day or the fabrics of the lace wedding dress. Here’s how to recognize and fall in love with a mantilla-style bridal veil.

Origins of the MantillaBridal veil in Spanish mantilla style

The accessory comes from the ancient Spanish custom that saw women of the “pueblo” (in Italian “country”, ed) use this accessory even as an element that sheltered the bride. Subsequently, the custom of wearing the mantilla extended also to the ranks of the aristocracy thanks to Queen Isabella II, who did not fail to wear it in all the official events; this gave it a sophisticated aura that made the mantilla become one of the chicest and iconic accessories for brides around the world today.

How is the mantilla veil made?

The mantilla veil is usually characterized by a considerable length and a rich lace border. It is used to lay it directly on the bridal hairstyle for loose, semi-gathered hair or with completely gathered hair, to then fix the handle on the shoulders, to prevent it from “fluttering”. To stop it solidly, a small hidden headband is inserted into the hair or, at the limit, a peineta (comb), which will always be hidden by the mantilla and will remain the only jewel that shines once the veil is removed. It is one of the best tips for a bridal veil.

So be careful in your choice! Remember also that when you take it off, perhaps during the banquet, the hairstyle underneath will remain intact. Even if it adapts to different hair, you may prefer a semi-harvested wedding hairstyle that matches well with the style of the veil and dress chosen and is well fixed, to avoid unpleasant surprises by moving the veil.

Veil colors and fabrics

This particular veil, which is available in various fabrics, such as tulle and silk, must certainly be carefully selected. In addition to the various fabrics available, there are also various colors and different laces. It is therefore important to choose the right one, always keeping in mind the tone of the dress.

For example, if you have chosen a colorful wedding dress, but even if you have purchased a simple dress it is important to pay attention to the shade of white or ivory chosen so that the veil coordinates perfectly with the color and style of the dress, which must be simple and romantic. It is one of the best tips for a bridal veil.

Advice for those who want a mantilla

Before buying this type of veil, try it together with the dress and, if it is a family mantilla, perhaps inherited, take it with you when choosing the dress. If you want to highlight the fact it is certainly the perfect veil for this purpose. She is also very comfortable with low- cut dresses on her back. It is one of the best tips for a bridal veil.

Furthermore, if you have decided to wear a hairstyle for long hair, the mantilla certainly does for you, especially if it is attached to the base of the bun or crop.
If you are a romantic spouse or are tied to Spanish traditions, you certainly cannot miss a mantilla veil on your head. A dream for women who choose simplicity and elegance, wearing a simple but refined wedding dress and a very natural bridal makeup.

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