Types and Styles of Wedding Dresses according to your body

Types and Styles of Wedding Dresses according to your body

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your Styles of Wedding Dresses should be the cut or style that it has. Not only because it is a way to show your personality and the atmosphere that the wedding celebration will have, but because it can also highlight those areas of your body that you want, or disguise some parts that you do not feel very satisfied with.

In WeddingHairstyle, we bring you the definition of the main types of wedding dresses or party dresses that exist and our recommendations for different body styles.

Types and Styles of Wedding Dresses

Siren typeStyles of Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses, also called trumpet style, are a great option to accentuate a curvaceous figure, as they completely adhere to your curves. These dresses are tight on the trunk and widen from the knees down. Our recommendation is that mermaid-style bridal dresses should be worn by women with an hourglass-shaped body or with a rectangular body, and should be avoided in small women as they shorten their appearance.

Type Line AStyles of Wedding Dresses

This type of wedding dress also called a princess dress, is one of the brides’ favorites, as it adjusts to various body styles. These dresses have wide skirts in “A” shapes and are slightly fitted at the waist. Those brides with chubby in their middle or wide hips can wear this type of dress and feel confident in being able to hide their problem areas. Our recommendation is that line A style wedding dresses are worn by women with bodies in the form of an inverted triangle, pear type or hourglass type.

Empire typeStyles of Wedding Dresses

The empire wedding dresses are very forgiving with many body types, which is another favorite brides. They are characterized by having a high waist, just below the bust, and her skirt falls from it in a graceful way. They fit well enough women with the body in the form of an inverted triangle, pear type, apple type or hourglass type. Our recommendation is to be chosen by thin women with small breasts, or pregnant brides.

Tube Type

The tube-type wedding dresses fall almost vertically from the shoulders to the floor. These dresses usually tend to hug the figure so they fit very well in thin bodies in good shape. Our recommendation is that they also work very well for small women since they tend to lengthen their figure, but it is definitely for women who feel safe of their body since they do not let hide any defect. They fit very nice women in the shape of an hourglass but likewise, it is the most recommended for women with rectangular bodies.

Type Ball GownStyles of Wedding Dresses

This type of wedding dress is also known as the fairytale dress or Cinderella type. They usually wear tight bodices, and their skirt with petticoats comes off from the hips, which makes them look quite glamorous. Although it is a dress that fits several body types such as hourglass, apple type, inverted triangle, and rectangle, our recommendation is definitely for women with a pear-like body, and with well-marked waists, and is not recommended for small women, as they can be a bit overwhelming.

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