The Best Way to Have an Indian Wedding on a Budget

The Best Way to Have an Indian Wedding on a Budget

It is everyone’s dream that one day they will have a perfect wedding. When this time comes, our focus shifts to our dream wedding. However, modern weddings have become expensive and grand. A wedding budget includes food, decoration, venue, transport, clothing, accommodation and the list goes on and on. Unlike other weddings, Indian weddings are characterised by a high number of invited guests and many different types of foods. A modern Indian wedding is therefore not affordable for many people. So, here are some tips to reduce the cost of your Indian wedding. Let’s look at areas where you can save on wedding costs.


Any wedding is perceived to be a success based on the quality of food served. You can choose a perfect venue, and play great music, but if the food is bad, the whole event will be perceived as bad. Indians are known to serve lots of different types of foods at wedding events. However, some of these foods can be ignored, to lower the cost of food and drinks. A smart way to save on food is to have a menu of 4-6 dishes and 2 different deserts. Make sure that the food is of great quality and tasty for your guests.

Wedding venue

This is an area where you can reduce your wedding expenses. Indian wedding ceremonies are usually large. You therefore need to hire a large wedding venue. While most of these venues are expensive, there are Indian wedding venues that can meet your needs at a reasonable cost. The smart way is to choose a venue within your budget. If your budget does not allow a large wedding venue, you could cut the cost by inviting a limited number of guests.

Bridal jewellery

An Indian wedding is characterised by lots of jewellery. However, the reality is some of these jewels will only be worn on the wedding day. Why spend hundreds of pounds on jewels you will wear once? Make a list of jewellery you may want for the special day. Are there jewels you can either ignore or find cheaper alternatives? If you know of an affordable jewellery ornament you can choose to replace an expensive one, then that would be a smart choice.

Indian weddings are colorful and full of dancing. The success of the wedding, however, depends on how comfortable it will be for everyone. You can have a stress-free wedding by sticking to your budget. As a couple, you need to make a list of the essential wedding items you need. This will help you avoid unnecessary wedding expenses. Finally, a wedding within your budget is a reality. All you need is to know the areas where you can cut back on unnecessary expense.

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