Easy homemade gift ideas for all occasions

Easy homemade gift ideas for all occasions

Homecrafts of all kinds have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. During the Covid 19 pandemic, creative hobbies jumped in popularity as people made clothing, furnishings and gifts to keep themselves occupied during the early lockdowns.

And it seems that the trend for creating gifts by hand isn’t fading. Indeed, Hobbycraft, the UK’s largest arts and crafts retailer has reported that a variety of crafts have continued to increase their popularity throughout 2022 Here are some examples of gifts made using a variety of different crafts.

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Seasonal Wreath

A floral or foliage wreath is not just for Christmas, but for any time of year. Use fresh or artificial flowers to create Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter wreaths. Using a kit containing a wire frame and string, weave and tie in the sprays for a splash of seasonal colour on your door.

Crochet blanket

Create a colourful crochet blanket using crochet kits from a specialist such as https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/. Choose your colours and follow the instructions using the tools included.

FIMO trinket dishes, vases and jewellery

FIMO was the first modelling clay developed which could be hardened in the oven. It comes in all colours and can be purchased from all good craft retailers along with modelling tools, paints and glosses as a part of specific kits for beginners or separately for more experienced modellers. Simply follow the instructions on the kit on how to cut, mould and bake your creation. Allow it to cool and then decorate.

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Colourful floral framed quilling picture

For crafters with a steady hand, quilling is a technique that can be used to create some magnificent patterns and pictures. Select a frame, develop your design and then use the quilling tools to wind, pinch and shape the pieces, before carefully securing them with specialist glue.

Whatever you choose to make, be it a homemade greetings card or a complex piece of jewellery, will carry with it all the time, love and patience you put into making it. And it will always mean more to that special somebody you created it for.

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