Top crochet hacks for better results

Top crochet hacks for better results

Crochet is a fun hobby that requires dexterity and patience to create a variety of decorative items. If you have been using crochet kits for a while, you may be looking for ways to hone your skills and get better results. Here are some top crochet hacks that will improve your next projects.
Use Stitch Markers

When crocheting, it is easy to lose count of the number of stitches you have in your rows. A simple stitch marker can be placed on your previous row, giving you a visual guide to the number of stitches needed, without you having to keep count.

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Invisible Joins

The usual method of joining yarn is by knotting. However, there is a way to join two pieces together so that they look like one continuous piece. This technique, called the Russian Join, is worthwhile learning if you want a neater appearance to your crochet projects.

Weaving Ends

Weaving in the end of your yarn creates a neater and more professional look to any project. There are various ways of doing this, so learning a few different techniques will give you the best options to create a neat finish.

Keep Edges Straight

Whether using crochet kits or crocheting freestyle, understanding how to keep your edges straight will give a better appearance to your work. This is especially important if you do not want to use a border to neaten the edges.

The Benefits of Crocheting

According to the University of Wollongong, crocheting helps people relax. Not only that, but it also keeps the mind focused on creative activity which can improve mood and sense of well-being.

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With creative endeavours having a positive effect on mental well-being, there’s no better excuse to get your crochet kits and spend a few hours enjoying this popular pastime.

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