6 good reasons to show off the bridal veil

6 good reasons to show off the bridal veil

The bridal veil is an accessory that in recent years has suffered a decline in popularity, only to be back in vogue, laden with renewed meanings and with that “train” of charm that will never go out of fashion. If you still don’t know if you want it on the day you utter the famous wedding phrases, stay here: we are about to reveal 6 irrefutable reasons for putting a layer of sensuality in front of your bridal makeup.

1. Because no one else will 6 good reasons to show off the bridal veil

Nowadays bridal fashion is more and more creative: for years now they have distanced themselves from classic volumes that transmit redundancy in every centimeter of fabric, strictly white. With time, women who get married with pants or those who opt for a colorful wedding dress, naturally without a veil, are more and more frequent. But do you know what? In doing so, the bride risks mixing with the outfits of her guests, who, on the other hand, are increasingly eccentric. The bridal veil thus becomes a distinctive, unmistakable, unique feature that belongs to the bride and no one else. Remember, being the center of attention distinguishing yourself from all the others, it is your right on your wedding day!

2. Because it is invaluable

The bridal veil is an accessory that lends itself well to being transmitted from bride to bride, from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Its value is invaluable, both in prestige and in affection. Perhaps he had been embroidered by hand by a great-grandmother who was a seamstress by trade or perhaps had been made in a historic Italian boutique. When you learn of his story, we have no doubt: you certainly won’t give up the privilege of wearing such an important garment!

3. Because it is a powerful symbol

Tradition has it that the bridal veil served to protect the woman from evil spirits, just like the bridesmaids who accompanied her to the altar. As the western filmography teaches, it is only at the moment when the priest utters the classic phrase “Now he can kiss the bride” that the latter lifts the tulle from the face and shows his fabulous natural bridal makeup to his wife. What does this gesture mean? The most conservative could answer that it symbolizes a commitment of dedication of the wife towards her husband, but we prefer the romantic reading that sees the woman architect of her own choice reserve her femininity to the love of her life, that day like those to come.

4. Because it is versatile and never goes out of fashion

There are many types of the bridal veil: from the veil to the cathedral veil, passing through the folk mantilla. You will understand that therefore there is no veil “out of fashion”, but rather that suitable for different models of wedding dresses. Among the most characteristic there are undoubtedly the short veils to wear with a fabulous vintage wedding dress, perhaps with a mesh weave that reveals red lips like love, to be shown at the right time in all their sensuality.

5. To spontaneously surprise

There are women who have a wardrobe full of garments with geometric shapes, which recall a minimal style that favors black and a few other neutral colors. Then, however, the day comes for the purchase of the wedding dress and, as if it were the most normal of choices, they are surprised to buy the most romantic dress in the store. And so, without anyone expecting it, they find themselves showing off a wonderful lace wedding dress in front of the astonished eyes of the guests, crowned by a refined veil of light and ethereal air. Who knows, maybe you too have had an experience like this, or maybe it has yet to happen … you just need to find out.

6. Why … ask the groom!

When you realize that the veil is a delicate instrument of seduction, you can no longer do without it. Maybe you didn’t initially consider it as part of your bridal look, but then you tried it in a specialized atelier and fell in love with it. While you were looking at yourself in the mirror, perhaps you have imagined the expression of amazement that will appear on the face of your future husband when you see yourself walking along the nave of the church or the corridor of the communal hall framed by a delicate candid halo … in his eyes you will be simply enchanting.

Whether it is to amaze, by tradition, for personal taste or style, the wedding veil can only give a special touch to your wedding dress. To be sure that it’s right for you, ask the experts for advice, including your trusted hairdresser in the decision. At this point nothing is missing, you just have to find the perfect one for you!

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