Original bridal hairstyles

Original bridal hairstyles

In the wonderful bridal universe, fashion dictates the trends of wedding dresses by defining seasonal looks by designers. And large fashion houses; tells, among the catwalks. The trends of the moment also in terms of bridal shoes opening the doors to a way made of very important accessories. And not at all obvious; finally launches the best proposals for a bridal hairstyle. So let’s see what 2019 holds between original cuts and fabulous looks.

Fine chignon for ethereal and romantic bridesOriginal bridal hairstyles: our journey among the coolest trends

A great classic that is always in vogue for more traditional brides is the chignon. In 2018, classical styling is still in pole position. But this time the diktats are very precise: for those who choose this type of hairstyle, cleanliness is essential. As much as elegance in order to give a very refined overview. So if in the flower bouquets the disheveled version is in a fashion where the longest branches intertwine with the shorter stems. For the hair, it is essentially the opposite that is the chignon should be collected in a uniform. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles. And extremely elegant so as to give an allureregal, with austere. And defined lines also thanks to the help of hairpieces of various shapes and sizes. Because in these cases, the volume is one of those elements that make the difference.

Twisted yes but this time in a retro style

The braiding trend has continued for some time now on the crest of the wave for the wedding day even though, this year, we will see them in a different and original way. In previous years we have become accustomed to seeing them as the absolute protagonists of bridal hairstyles for loose hair decreeing that romantic trend where the wreaths of flowers were the icing on the cake to define these look with bucolic charm. Today, instead, they complete a young bride. But in a perfect retro style that chooses the braided circle on a seemingly messy crop. A choice is suitable for those with long hair. But not only with some extension each of you can have the intertwine you prefer: herringbone, crown, medium height, pret-a-porter or torchon.

Country trend with decorations inspired by nature

The wave of country chic weddings has also permeated beauty salons. Impossible not to notice the unstoppable rise of the wedding themes inspired by nature and the countryside, so much so as to influence the choice of the location, the fittings, and the original wedding favors. In 2018, even the looks are dressed in an increasingly rustic-oriented beauty, starting from the disheveled hairstyles and enriched with themed accessories, where among all, the headbands that recall the tendency of the hoop bouquet, the jewel crowns stand out. foliage theme and the ears of metal grain that recall the idea of ​​the country bouquet. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles.

Pixie cuts for the most revolutionary brides

Don’t forget that not all girls love to feel ethereal and romantic princesses; for them, the 2019 reserves a beautiful choice of simple, slipped and little voluminous wedding dresses and then launches one of the most popular cuts of the moment: the pixie cut. In a nutshell, this “leprechaun” trend embraces both the classic bob or bob and the short, disheveled cut; in the more classic version the scaled cut gradually extends to the sides of the head but there are also versions revisited even in a more sexy key with fringe, with tuft, with unkempt or geometric shaped locks and it is also perfect both on smooth and smooth hair. You can leave it so natural or embellish it with the choice of the right accessories for a final touch of true divas between veils and jeweled crowns.

Finally, what completes the bridal look? Yes, we are talking about him, the bridal makeup, because it is impossible to separate makeup and hair in a clear and clear way. Tuft, fringe, cut, colors but also shades and reflections will be those elements necessary to confront not only with your hair stylist but also with your make-up artist in search of shades, palettes, shades and perfect play of light, even with a very simple natural bridal make-up. It is one of the best bridal hairstyles.

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