Beach wedding dress: Some wedding dresses to choose a dreamy marine look

Beach wedding dress: Some wedding dresses to choose a dreamy marine look

The beach wedding is coming and on you can find different articles on how to set up a sea-themed wedding, from many ideas for wedding invitations to wedding favors. In Italy, in fact, more and more regions allow civil marriage on the beach to the delight of married couples who see their dream of saying “Yes, I want it” realized with the romantic setting of a marine background. Are you among them? If you celebrate the ritual by the sea, or if you have chosen a beach location for the reception, in this article we suggest some ideas for your wedding look, from the most suitable wedding dresses to accessories.

Models and fabricsBeach wedding dress: Some wedding dresses to choose a dreamy marine look

For her 2019 wedding dress collection , last year Aire Barcelona presented a line, precisely called Beach Wedding , designed for brides who wed on the beach, but it is not the only signature dedicated to dressing the beach. brides like beautiful sea enchantresses .

Even Rembo Styling offers among its creations wonderful mermaid wedding dresses , but not only. For a “beach” bridal look, numerous and ultra-romantic are the proposals of frock-cut dresses composed of light skirts that “sway” with each gust of wind and precious bodices with lace embroidery. It is one of the best beach wedding dress.

The bridal look for a beach wedding, in fact, will have to be based on a dress with impalpable fabrics, delicate and with a fresh and sparkling allure ; if the wedding will take place at sunset you can also opt for summer dresses full of bright applications such as glitter, beads and stones , must-have details of the wedding dresses 2020, or for bodices with long sleeves with a tactile lace effect on the arms .

Avoid stiff and full-bodied fabrics like Mikado and orient yourself on light materials such as chiffon and silk to be very elegant, tulle and impalpable gauze for an ultra-romantic look, and even linen for a wedding in broad daylight: you’ll be comfortable, fresh and stylish with the type of wedding.

Colors, transparencies and slits

In addition to the classic white that will make you even brighter in the sun, if you are looking for a more original look and style with the marine environment, colorful wedding dresses are the ideal solution!

Opt for subtle nuances , such as powder pink, lilac or light blue , or for nude shades to reproduce the colors of sand or, again, for white dresses but with colored details, such as floral appliqués and belts. It is one of the best beach wedding dress.

The type of surrounding environment, moreover, will allow you to be able to wear a really sensual dress, not only in the forms but also in the details: in this gallery we offer you seductive models characterized by deep slits on the skirt that will “casually” discover a leg while you move and lace bridal gowns full of see-no-see games and overlapping transparent fabrics.

The two-piece wedding dress

A beach wedding will certainly be a little formal wedding, so you can “dare” following the new trend of recent years as well as a perfect solution for a wedding by the sea, or the wedding dress made up of two pieces: skirt and top  that leaves the belly undressed or sensually covered with embroidery and transparencies .

Veil: why not?

Wearing the veil is no longer the sole prerogative of brides in the church, it has been in fact used for a long time even in civil ceremonies, so why not wear it even for a beach wedding? If you love this accessory and don’t want to give it up, we suggest you opt for a short or medium length one and combine it with a floral crown  to embellish a bride hairstyle with loose  or semi-gathered hair . It is one of the best beach wedding dress.

Take cues from the looks proposed in the gallery to choose the perfect dress for your beach wedding : you will find many ideas also for the ideal bridal hairstyle and continuing to browse the portal you will discover many other useful tips to complete your “beach look”.

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