Bridal look with a golden effect? Yes, I want!

Bridal look with a golden effect? Yes, I want!

Your big day is getting closer and closer and having finished delivering all the wedding invitations now you just need to focus on your appearance, and where to start if not by choosing the dress? If you are looking for that magic touch that will brighten your look, take a look at the latest trends: it really seems that gold is a big hit among the most famous 2020 wedding dress collections! Elegant like the traditional white, but with something more, a dress with a golden effect stands out for that divine charm emanating from its precious shades. Among princely models and put bold, we present a series of dresses with golden tones that will make sure your eyes sparkle!

Like a princessBridal look with a golden effect? Yes, I want!

Gold has always represented the color par excellence, a symbol of high quality and richness with typically noble traits; it is no coincidence that the meaning that is often attributed to him is that of luxury and prestige! It is one of the best bridal look.

If you are planning a wedding in a classic style but with a sophisticated allure you have probably already considered the idea of ​​wearing a sumptuous wedding dress in lace or princess cut: you just have to enrich it with a unique detail ready to make your precious and exclusive image. A golden embroidery finely made with a weaving of lurex threads is the ideal solution to enhance a sensuality typical of a goddess, but with an almost ethereal delicacy.

And when you prefer a truly gorgeous style to simplicity, a total gold outfit is the one that suits you best! A few strokes stole from the pre-Raphaelite inspiration and vaguely dreamy, a dress completely covered with lace and gilded lace emanates a light with a nostalgic flavor that is well suited to all those romantic weddings with retro nuances.

Your look will never be too excessive if you complete it with a few accessories, but absolutely well-chosen: to stay on the subject, what do you think of a beautiful tiara or flower crown, for example?

Bold and feisty outfits

A dress with golden shades is not only synonymous with sophisticated elegance and princely style: very often, in fact, this precious shade is just used to create original outfits never seen before.

You may be thinking about how to amaze your guests with a look that is out of the ordinary but still characteristic of your personality, and you have not yet managed to find a dress that meets your desires. Here then the gold color comes to your aid! Perfect for all modern and contemporary weddings, especially when your idea is not to remain tied to the image of the traditional bride. Give vent to your most imaginative creativity and don’t be afraid to dare with a mix of daring combinations of unusual and contrasting materials!

Did you ever think of a look with a metallic effect for your wedding? A trend that is always in vogue, expresses a strong bond with the whole tech universe with futuristic notes, ideal for the avant-garde bride and always in step with the times. It is one of the best bridal look.

Have you organized the twenties themed wedding and expect a reception with typical bright and frenetic atmospheres? Then you can’t give up a short wedding dress totally made with beaded threads and golden fringes, to allow you to dance under the notes of overwhelming swing rhythm.

And to top it off …

Among elaborate embroideries and seductive transparencies your gilded-colored dress will be the main element of your image, so why not give it the importance it deserves through the right accessories?

First, however, remember to avoid the excesses: “less is more!” Your outfit will already be shining, better not to weigh it down with intrusive jewels or too bright details. It is one of the best bridal look.

If your choice is to wear a simple wedding dress where the gold element is reduced to a small decoration or a detail of the fabric, you will be allowed to wear a pair of refined earrings, essential or with geometric shapes.

As for your beauty look instead prefer a natural bridal makeup, characterized by opaque tones and that respect the natural colors of your complexion.

Ready to show off your bright wedding gown with a golden effect? Before proceeding with your choice, however, do not forget to also consider the style that will characterize your wedding: insert some details in gold, like a beautiful ribbon that wraps your bridal bouquet, to create homogeneity and harmony with your bridal look.

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