How to accessorize a black dress for a wedding

How to accessorize a black dress for a wedding

Can you wear black shorts at weddings? Surely when you have been invited to a nuptial link you have asked yourself many times, and for fear of screwing up you have ruled it out. Well, the answer is yes, of course, you can wear a short black dress for a wedding.

Despite the fact that the protocol for this type of event states that the guests cannot attend in white or black, nor go short in the afternoon and at night, the truth is that all these ideas are increasingly rejected. Moreover, the color black is a safe bet to attend a link, because it is elegant and combines everything. You just have to learn to combine it correctly so that you are the most elegant guest. At Evangelyne we have short black dresses more sophisticated for you to be the most beautiful guest at the wedding.

Forget old protocols and learn the basic rules to know how to combine a short black dress for a wedding. We are going to explain everything you need to know to achieve a sophisticated result with a lot of personalities. To do this, it is necessary to consider whether the event occurs during the day, in the afternoon, or at night. Depending on this, some accessories will be more appropriate than others.

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What does the protocol say about wearing black shorts at a wedding?

The dress code states that you cannot wear black at weddings, however in recent years there have been many changes in the bridal sector. It is increasingly common to find guests at a wedding who have chosen the color black as the protagonist of their bridal look. Despite this change in customs, you may still have certain reservations when using it to attend a wedding, either because you are not sure what type of model to choose or because you do not know what accessories can go well with it.

The protocol for weddings also states that you can only wear shorts when the wedding is celebrated during the day and that for weddings in the afternoons and at night it is more elegant to wear long. But this is also something that is becoming more like an old custom than what is actually done today. Today you can be just as elegant with a short dress as a long one at weddings that take place in the afternoon or at night, and it also does not matter if it is a civil wedding or a church one.

The key is knowing how to combine a black wedding dress, whether it is short or long, you must choose the right accessories depending on the time of day the event is held. If you are a lover of black and prefer to show off your legs wearing shorts, do not give up this color to attend a wedding due to outdated protocols. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with this color and with the model of dress you wear, be it short or long. There are many types of short black wedding dresses, with lace, fringes, rhinestones,… You just have to find the ideal one for you.

Learn how to combine a short black wedding dress with our tips

If you are sure that you are going to wear black shorts at the next wedding, it is best not to opt for a total black look. One of the basic rules to combining a black wedding dress is to accompany it with accessories of another color. It can be the shoes, the belt, the shawl, the jacket… This way you will break with the chromatic uniformity and it will be a magnificent result. Gold, silver, and red tones are the ones that best combine with this star color, although it actually goes well with all colors. Nor can you forget the white that complements perfectly with it. Black is a color that expresses elegance and sophistication and that combines perfectly with any color.

How to wear a short black dress for a daytime wedding

Short black dresses are the most suitable for daytime weddings according to protocol. But it is still like that, to combine a short black dress for a day wedding correctly you must add a touch of color that gives it light. You can combine it with a pretty hat in the color that suits you best. You can also wear a pretty headband in your favorite color or a natural flower headdress. We recommend that the bag and the shoes are the same color and not black, pastel shades look spectacular during the day. As for the cut of the dress, you have complete freedom to choose.

How to complement a short black dress for an afternoon wedding

For weddings held in the afternoon, it is usually more advisable to wear long dresses, but that does not mean that you cannot wear a short one with grace and style. We advise you to choose a somewhat more special model to wear a short black dress in the afternoon, for example, an asymmetrical black dress, with fringes or with feathers. Choose a bag and high-heeled shoes in another color to achieve the color contrast you are looking for, they can be in vibrant colors such as fuchsia, red, yellow, or electric blue. But they can also be printed to give it an even more original touch.

How should the accessories of a short black dress for a night wedding

To attend a night wedding, it is best to choose a short black dress with a more elaborate elaboration, which has different textures and fabrics. For this occasion, you have to look for the most glamorous touch through accessories. Yellow gold jewelry is a great ally of black night looks, but you can also bet on an elegant pearl necklace. Other accessories that are perfect are a shawl with sequins or embroidery, and even a bag with gold or silver trim. The shoes on this occasion can also be black or another color.

Final conclusion

Choosing black for a wedding dress has always been seen as one of the worst options, protocol always dictates that you should not wear black or white, except for the bride. Also, the same protocol states that short dresses are only for daytime weddings. But, in recent years, less and less attention has been paid to this protocol and more and more women are invited in short black dresses regardless of when the celebration takes place. You can go perfectly dressed in this color to a wedding, as it is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. The key to making it top 10 is knowing how to combine a short black wedding dress with the most appropriate accessories.

As a general rule, it is necessary to know that the total look in black is not the most recommended, and that to break the chromatic monotony it is necessary to wear accessories of another color. Any other color goes very well with black, but gold, silver, and red are ideal for night weddings. At Evangelyne you can find a wide variety of short black dresses for weddings that are celebrated at any time of the day with a magnificent value for money.

Bet on black and shorts to look perfect at a wedding!

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