How to know which wedding dress suits me

How to know which wedding dress suits me

Are you looking for the perfect wedding dress for you? Then this article we will interest a lot because we will help you be able to choose the best suited to your body type and neckline, two very striking elements when dressed with the wedding dress garment and depending on them, result can stay cool or, conversely, can reduce your beauty. We know that your wedding day is one of the most important in your life (if not the most), so then we will tell you how to know what wedding dress you favor giving some very reliable indicators that can help your choice.

1) One of the most important aspects of a wedding dress that we must consider is the neckline that will have this garment as this part of the female body can help enhance your beauty and get a shocking result. But if one is right, right to the body of each is not used, the result may be just the opposite so be very careful!

In these dresses, a poor choice of neckline can affect the essence of the bride making this not finished feeling 100% comfortable with the suit in question. So, in order to choose the right for you neckline, we will assess different aspects such as the following.

  • Breast size
  • The start of the neck
  • If you want to highlight this area or if you prefer to pass the background

So, valuing these three options, we can start looking for the best wedding dress for our body and our preferences.

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2) Now, we will help you know what is the neckline that more favors you in your choice of wedding dress. We start by assessing the size of your breasts to recommend one type or another because it does not favor a person neckline with chest bulky than another that has tiny.

Cleavage perfect small breasts

In case you have the little chest, it is best to opt for a dress that has details in this area, such as lace, rhinestones, flowers and so on. This way you get that is highlighted area and therefore an optical effect that pretend get more volume in your breasts feel.

Ideal for large breasts Cleavage

Women with a large bra size are better to choose a wedding dress than to avoid low-cut look too vulgar for the occasion. You can choose garments that enhance this so feminine part of your body but not overdo it too because you get the opposite effect you want.

3) We’ve already mentioned above that another aspect to value is the start of the neck as this can also help you determine the best neckline for your dress; so, women with the long, thin neck is recommended that you choose a high neckline, i.e., they do not see the chest but can only intuit the canaille giving thus greater prominence to the elegance and fineness of his shoulders.

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Women who have short, thick neck may opt for lower necklines and insinuating to stylize the figure and avoid getting too reduced image. But we must be careful with this issue because, as we have pointed out, we must avoid necklines too steep to avoid vulgarity and get insinuate more than show, this is the key to success.

4) Now to know what you favor wedding dress we will look at the fall of dress to recommend the right one for you. This time we look at the types of woman’s body there because this will depend on your dream dress is one or the other.

The body types there are:

  • Pear or triangle body
  • Apple body
  • Inverted triangle body
  • box body
  • Hourglass body

Depending on the shape of your body, it is more appropriate to choose a type of dress with a particular cut or another. The following steps will analyze one by one, each body with recommendations when choosing the wedding dress.

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5) The women with the body of inverted triangle are those with wider shoulders than hips, that is, your body is wider at the top than at the bottom. So, if this is the case, the most suitable for you dresses are those that remove the width to your back, chest and shoulders to give more prominence to the hips and lower body.

To do this, we will opt for dresses that have the tightest necklines and having wide skirts with cinched waists and volume; thus, you get correct the shape of your body getting better symmetry between the bottom and top. The dresses better sit you are those with mermaid cut but also could fit you one of princess cut because it will highlight your body.

6) To find out if your body is rectangle just need to look out if the shape of your silhouette is straight, i.e., whether more or less has the same width as the top than the bottom and waist; i.e. in the case and these bodies, the feminine curve is steep and not just the figure is more like the male. This body is common in older women, moms, women athlete’s relents or more people.

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If this is your body, to choose the wedding dress should know that there are some elements that are discouraged to the maximum as are the straight dresses, which are very tight, loose dresses, square necklines and short sleeves. All this will boost the square shape of your body and not enhance your beauty.

YES dresses that fit perfectly with your figure are those that are tailored at the waist, wearing a V-neck that helps stylize your body, bare shoulders and skirt in vertical lines. Do not use short necklaces because what we look for are items that Stilicho and get sharpen our appearance.

The most recommended dress for your body type is the empire cut but you can also opt for dresses with cut sheath that will enhance your appeal and with whom you feel more feminine than ever.

7) The shaped body pear or triangle is that which has the top (breasts, back and shoulders) narrower than the lower zone (hips and thighs) getting an optical effect as a pear. If this is your body type you should know that the wedding dress is that we need to strengthen the focus on the top and that, instead, disguising the bottom.

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For this reason, we should avoid dresses too tight or mermaid style as it will enhance your hips and mark our asymmetry too. For this reason, the best for your silhouette dresses are dresses with princess cut; also to highlight the zone superior it is best to opt for dresses with embellishments, details and other notorious elements in the chest, back, and so on.

8) If your body has the shape of hourglass, i.e. has the same size on the top than at the bottom but with the well – marked waist, then you have the freedom to choose the dress you like because the shape of your body allows you can play with different shapes, cuts and necklines. The symmetry of your body allows any option you choose fits your body like a glove and you are precious with what you wear.

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9) The women with the apple body are those that have the broad belly area, unmarked waist with thick back and legs too thick. This body type people usually have more extradites in meat and, therefore, it is important to be beautiful wedding day choose a dress that stylize and enhance femininity get your bust.

For this reason, dresses with heart – shaped neckline or V may be suitable for this kind of silhouettes, draping plus choose that will help you stylize. Another trick to get tune your body is to choose a type of dress that has high waist and the skirt falls on the legs; avoids the most tight and very pompous dresses. The dresses with empire waist are best left with the shape of your body.

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