Wedding dresses with floral inspiration: when nature meets fashion

Wedding dresses with floral inspiration: when nature meets fashion

The flowers, the ultimate emblem of femininity, take over and show themselves in all their beauty on floral-inspired wedding dresses. When applied, printed or colored, the models are colored like a bouquet of flowers in shades of pastel or maintain a classic white line. Choose ad hoc wedding shoes and combine the right accessories to make a church entrance, to say the least princely.

Flowers everywhere, for all tastesWedding dresses with floral inspiration: when nature meets fashion

Often the floral dress is combined with the image of a bride who is characterized by a strong sense of romance and grace. In reality, this fantasy assumes chameleonic forms adapting itself in an excellent way to every kind of style. For those who love a bold look, there are skirts that shorten in the front in an asymmetrical way that clearly recall elegant shoes with heels to finish in style. In addition to short wedding dresses for those who are not afraid to show their legs, there are also longer models with lace straps that gently open along the shoulder line to emphasize the upper part of the body. It is one of the best wedding dresses.

Drain illusions of grace

The illusion necklines are a great compromise for all the brides who wish to play on the see I do not see and to create a sensual but absolutely sober effect. The flowers, resting on the entire dress up to the decollete, do not flow on the transparency to highlight the particularity of the look. A type of neckline simply perfect to combine with long earrings to have an even more elegant figure or alternatively with diamonds to shine with light.

The illusion neckline is ideal on any cut, from the mermaid wedding dress to the longer models. Furthermore, the transparent part can take various forms and enrich themselves with precious stones such as lace and lace. It is one of the best wedding dresses.

Volumes, geometries, and textures

The skirts open like a balloon following the royal style at full speed and indulge in creations with the most varied patterns, complete with maxi flowers, buds, and wildflowers. You can play even more with the volume by wearing tight-fitting corsets to increase the effect. The flowers on the tulle spill over the long sleeves or form romantic bouquet compositions on the straps. Among the many textures of the dresses, there are, besides the classic and irreplaceable lace, flower prints that stand out against very light veils of pure white color that embellish the outfits like the veil of the bride. Many different fabrics, models, flowers, and petals depending on your taste and your personality. It is one of the best wedding dresses.

Attention to detail: matching accessories and lingerie

If the dress is embellished with sumptuous embroidery or the much-loved tattoo lace effect, better not to overdo it in terms of accessories. The real protagonist of the event will be the dress and especially the flowers. If you want to dare and opt for sleeveless dresses: you can wear transparent gloves with embroidery, ideal for fans of the romantic and eccentric taste wisely mixed. A must for all white dresses or pastel shades that are particularly clear is simple lingerie (white or flesh-colored) without embroidery and with the possible addition of a petticoat, especially if there are transparencies. It is one of the best wedding dresses.

As for the hair, prefer side bridal hairstyles to add a touch of romance. Alternatively, focus on the eternal chignon to highlight the shapes of the face or on the semi-harvest using clips in pendant with embroidered applications. A fantasy, the floral one, which adapts perfectly to all types of bride and to all seasons. Speaking of flowers, have you already decided on the bridal bouquet to match? Will it have the same petals and the same shades as your outfit or will it move away from your favorite fantasy? Take care of every single detail of your look so as not to leave anything to chance and wear elegant women’s shoes that are not too colorful (and with heels!) To avoid overloading the figure.

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