Urban style wedding? Choose a short wedding dress!

Urban style wedding? Choose a short wedding dress!

Life in the great metropolis has always fascinated you: The races between one appointment and another. Sipping takeaway coffee, aperitifs on the terrace with friends. Without forgetting the long afternoons of shopping in the latest fashion stores. This is the lifestyle that belongs to you, right? Dynamic women and always in step with the times, you have decided that the ideal setting for your wedding will be the urban context. If during the last cocktail party you have taken the opportunity to distribute your wedding invitations. And you have already decided what the location will be, now the next goal is only one: find the perfect wedding dress for you! Here is some short wedding dress.

Gritty and romantic with tulleUrban style wedding? Choose a short wedding dress!

In addition to being practical and of great comfort. The short wedding dress meets all the needs of the bride who has chosen to pronounce the fateful “Yes” in a metropolitan environment. Lovers of frenetic rhythms and the avant-garde of the city. This does not mean that you have abandoned the romantic nature that belongs to you. And for your wedding, you dream of a dress in princely style. It seems impossible? Absolutely not! It is one of the best short wedding dress.

Let’s forget the princesses who leave the parties at the stroke of midnight. And try to get into elegant carriages, too small compared to the bulky dress they wear. The “princesses” of today, modern and in step with the times, have certainly noticed the latest trends presented for future brides.

A dress with a bodice embroidered in lace, modeled in a romantic princess cut, is made completely up-to-date. And innovative if it is proposed with a tulle. And organza skirt, a vaporous cloud of fine fabrics that extends from the waist up above the knees.

All the twenties intellectual charm

What do you think about wearing a model in a perfect 1920s style? From the trends of recent seasons, a great return has emerged of the cuts. And shapes typical of that decade, proposing models revisited in a modern key. Among the numerous proposals,.You can choose a colorful wedding dress, in delicate pastel nuances, embellished with sequin applications that simulate a cascade of glitter and sequins. It is one of the best short wedding dress.

Simple petticoat cuts and clean lines are exemplary for the woman who wants to highlight her petite figure. While the boat neckline gives shine to the face. And enhances the features. Don’t forget to ask your make-up artist to make a natural bridal makeup, in line with the mood.  The touch of class? Complete your look with a sophisticated pair of pearl earrings to get an image that will remember Coco Chanel’s image in Parisian literary cafes!

Conceptual geometries

Geometric shapes, linear cuts, and well-defined silhouettes: these are the keywords that you must keep in mind. If you are looking for a dress to be inserted in the context of an urban wedding. Forget the mermaid wedding dresses with a long train. And make room for that universe of elements that characterize an essential but classy outfit. It is one of the best short wedding dress.

An apparently banal model, it reveals all its splendor with precious details such as lace embroidery. And winks at that hidden sensuality made of transparencies. And overlaps between different fabrics. Finally, remember to show off a semi-harvested wedding hairstyle. Which allows you to show the peculiarities of the dress without shattering that aura of mystery and conceptuality specific to your style.

Avant-garde models

Smooth and precious fabrics, embellished with gems that are repeated throughout the dress, create a perfect image, which needs nothing more than an elegant pair of jeweled sandals to complete this avant-garde wedding look. The graphics cuts and well-defined volumes, emphasized by an important bow that embraces the waistline, will leave all your guests, even the most ardent fashion victims! It is one of the best short wedding dress.

If you read this article a little in Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, now you are really ready to celebrate your wedding in a perfect urban context! Follow all the tips presented in this article and make sure that even your friends’ formal dresses are in line with the mood of your wedding. “And in the end, you’ll understand that love is the only brand that never goes out of style.” This is what a sweetheart Carrie wrote in one of her diaries … what do you think about repeating this romantic phrase to your future husband?

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