Wedding dresses with tattoo effect: the secret of sensuality beyond measure!

Wedding dresses with tattoo effect: the secret of sensuality beyond measure!

The tattoo effect wedding dresses are a timeless and always topical trend. The favorite of all those who want to give a gritty charge to a romantic look. Like the ink on the skin, the tattoo effect is expressed through precious embroideries placed on the upper part of the dress which often includes arms and shoulders. Embodying an unparalleled style of elegance. A versatile and multi-faceted trend such as bridal hairstyles proposed in different variations every year. However, hides many small rules to follow. Ready to discover them all? Here are some Wedding dresses with tattoo effect.

Fine necklinesWedding dresses with tattoo effect: the secret of sensuality beyond measure!

It is no wonder that for your wedding you have set your eyes on a dress that has the refined tattoo effect on the decollete. In fact, this particular feature allows you to wear dresses with provocative necklines. But finely “camouflaged” by a layer of flesh-colored tulle enriched by elegant embroidered motifs.

In fact, many famous bridal couture brands have adopted this trend making it one of the cornerstones of their collections. Take for example the Pronovias wedding dresses presented for the year 2019: a game of deep and seductive sweetheart necklines disguised as prized “lace tattoos” .

But this refined sensuality is not just about the decollete! The mermaid wedding dresses of the latest collections feature finely positioned embroidery details on a provocative neckline on the back: a subtle and decidedly sophisticated element. But with an undisputed sensual charge.

Veiled armsWedding dresses with tattoo effect: the secret of sensuality beyond measure!

One of the many characteristics that so much of the tattoo trend is very much appreciated is that of creating a sophisticated. And decidedly chic look-and-see effect. And it is precisely for this reason that even the 2019 wedding dress collections have used this device to create sensual models that are far from being vulgar. In a mix of or if you are not a fan of opulence, the right alternative – excellent for religious ceremonies that do not include uncovered arms – are simple wedding dresses enriched with fine. And delicate details such as floral embroidery along the arms, which give that touch of charm to all future brides who want to embellish their outfits with refined and precious detail.

All-over tattoos

The tattoo effect can be expressed on fabric in its entirety. Covering the skin just like a decoration. To better understand its features. The lace wedding dresses belonging to the latest Demetrios collection are a clear example of how this technique is applied: layers of sophisticated and precious lace cover the princely models with voluminous skirts. Creating an enchanting look of elegance superfine. manticism and good taste.

The details to complete the look

With a detail so fine and refined as that of the tattoo effect. Your dress will not need additions of other decorations to be splendid. Some small details, however, will surely be useful to complete your total look. So if you are already thinking about how to comb your hair. Consider the idea of an elegant semi-harvested hairstyle that is simple and not too pretentious.

By exhibiting a linear and not very elaborate hairstyle. You will be able to highlight the particular detail of the tattoo effect that characterizes your beautiful dress focusing all the attention on it. Complete it all with natural bridal makeup and delicate shades, emphasizing the strengths of your face giving it the right brightness.

After analyzing this overview on the tattoo lace effect dresses. All you have to do is complete your look by following our style tips. Remember not to overdo it with too many fanciful elements in your outfit: choose rather solid-colored bridal shoes that can be combined with the taste of your dress. Avoiding further applications of lace or adding embroidery.

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