What you should know before choosing wedding shoes?

What you should know before choosing wedding shoes?

What you should know before choosing wedding shoes, very important detail in arranging the marriage.

The watchwords in the choice of accessories are harmony, balance and elegance : everything has to be perfectly coordinated with the wedding dress, avoiding excesses and contrasts. It will be necessary that the wedding shoes and accessories follow the same style chosen for the dress, fitting perfectly, adjusting tone and color.

However it is not forbidden to change the color than the dress : a bride might have to choose shoes and accessories to match the flowers in the bouquet, or the details of different bit embroidered color. As we said before, the important thing is to maintain harmony, elegance and class.

Etiquette for the Wedding Shoes

The shoes should be chosen after the wedding dress. Let’s see what they say first of all the rules of etiquette and tradition in this regard …

  • Shoes must be closed anyway, whatever the season when we get married;
  • They are still unglued;
  • Are perfect if the same fabric of the dress;
  • If not fabric, they must still be of the same color of wedding;
  • They must have a low heel;
  • They may not have exaggerated tips
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In reality today there is very different from what they want to label, and this would lead to even more excessive claims by the old guards connected to the form. Beautiful are the sandals, also used in the winter, with sheer stockings, fine and seamless. Ben are also tips and high heels, with perfect wedding dresses long … why would a bride should be less than the other invited?

Warning: With a heel no higher than the groom. Always remember to be careful that the shoes are comfortable: the bride will go over 10 hours standing by the protagonist, and certainly cannot afford a wobbly gait or limping. Detail not to be underestimated is the color of the sole: this will have to be clear, because in the church will be visible when the bride is kneeling. An advice we give is to make you pack the custom wedding shoes: help the workman, so you can draw them exactly as you like, in the same fabric and color of the dress, cut on your foot, so more comfortable.

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