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Extension eyelashes for the bride: For a breathtaking look!

Extension eyelashes for the bride: For a breathtaking look!

This time I ask the expert, teacher of this technique and who is personally occupied to treat hundreds of brides.

We know that fashion is in vogue all over the world

“The technique of extension cigliari is increasingly widespread in our country, although there are still many people who do not have heard of it.

Extension eyelashes
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What is certain, though, is that this treatment is intended to depopulate! After all, what woman does not would like to have thick eyelashes, long and curved able to donate one bewitching eyes?

It is best to use of extension for ciliary technique rather than the cilia tufts? 

“Of course! For the bride then becomes essential to focus on the look!

Extension eyelashes
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I always recommend to brides to apply the extension, preferably Hollywood effect, i.e. extra volume, in order to strengthen and highlight the eyes, to correct a particular type of eye without ever getting an artifact appearance but, on the contrary, very natural!

They are highly appreciated by customers, but also by photographers as the special black glue used interment defines the eye make-up support, intensifies the contrasts improving the photographic performance.” 

You can then correct the shape of the eye and to characterize the look? 

“The extension of the right shape and curvature are very useful to highlight the make-up chosen by the bride, in the case of a strong make-up but also and especially in the case of a nude look! 

Extension eyelashes
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The application takes much? 


“For the bride, taken from the hectic fervor of the preparations, it is also a way to spend two hours in relax, comfortably lying on the bed with my eyes closed. Another advantage is the life! Unlike tufts generally applied to the bride, the extensions last for weeks, providing an aspect also handled on their honeymoon! 

All we ask ourselves if we weaken the real ones.

No more! Now there are ultra light for thin eyelashes and various measures even thicker for those with strong eyelashes!”

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